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Any Oneida Phoenix or lever bow shooters
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Timex 04-Jan-20
bigdog21 05-Jan-20
Buglmin 05-Jan-20
From: Timex
Just got an Oneida Phoenix & can't believe iv made this decision but after 20 years of not shooting aluminum iv just orderd a dozen 2 xx75 2219s I want to shoot some weight with this bow & it's just easier with aluminum instead of putting ridicules amounts of up front weight on carbons or something inside of them. So I'm just curious. What are y'all shooting from lever bows

Thanks TIMEX

From: bigdog21
don't know your draw length arrow length are bow wt, but they will be some heavy arrows and will definitely get the job done I would guess around 230 to 240 fps.

From: Buglmin
I love the comments about guts needing to put ridiculous amounts of tip weights or tubes inside carbon arrows to tune them... Wonder why I never need to do that? Anyways, I shoot a lever bow a lot, currently shooting a Nitro xl, and really enjoying it. Although not as fast as my Phoenix, it feels better in hand.

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