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LL bean boots
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LBshooter 05-Jan-20
4araquiver 05-Jan-20
Trial153 05-Jan-20
GLP 05-Jan-20
hawkeye in PA 05-Jan-20
Shuteye 05-Jan-20
DanaC 05-Jan-20
lawdy 05-Jan-20
franklin 05-Jan-20
crowe 05-Jan-20
From: LBshooter
Thinking about a pair of the Maine boots that are vortex/ thinsulate, looking for guys who wear them. Are they good for cold weather? Comfortable? Thanks

From: 4araquiver
I have worn these boots for 21 years. On my 2nd pair. With adjusting socks a bit I can wear them from about 65 down to 30F while stand hunting. Colder than that I go to my lacrosse alpha burlys

From: Trial153
Standsitting and not a lot of walking ...good choice. Way better then most of the rubber jobs guys love wear

From: GLP
Bought my first pair in 2003, still using them, bought another pair for backup. Love them for longevity and comfort. They keep me warm down to 25-30. Because they have no lugs like other boots they can be a little slick, about like most rubber boots I have worn. They are worth a try! I really like that you can feel what is under your feet pretty decent.

They are my go to hunting boots for 30 some years. For me 25 degrees and above, below that I use a boot blanketing with them if stand hunting.

From: Shuteye
When my dad was in his 30's he bought a pair of L. L. Bean boots with a life time guarantee. He sent them back a couple of times over his life and had them rebuilt. When he passed away, two months short of being 98, he still had his Bean boots.

From: DanaC
LL Bean makes other boots than that 'classic'. Like this -

I opted for boots from 'Propet' -

From: lawdy
I have 3 pairs, sheep skin lined, 6 inch uninsulated, and a pair of 10 inch thinsulate insulated. The 10” are my main boots. They are on their 3rd resolving. Use boot blankets over them when it gets cold if I am sitting. The best still hunting boot I have ever used.

From: franklin
The only part I don`t like is drying them out....if you are in an area without a boot dryer you`re screwed. Like GLP stated the tread isn`t the greatest. If it were me I would look into a Schnee`s pac boot.

From: crowe
I love my main huntng shoes! 10" uninsulated, double up in socks and im good to below freezing a few degrees. I wear them early September bear hunting and on into November. After that I usually switch over to my Dunlop purofort boots if its getting cold and or snowy. Im very happy wth the ll bean boots.

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