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Ozonics on hog hunting
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M.P. 05-Jan-20
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drycreek 05-Jan-20
Highlife 05-Jan-20
RK 05-Jan-20
wytex 06-Jan-20
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drycreek 06-Jan-20
M.P. 06-Jan-20
Medicinemann 06-Jan-20
From: M.P.
Heading on a hog hunt soon and want to try something different . I have killed a few hogs the last couple of years but i have watched the real big ones circle my stand and get downwind of my and then run off.

I have a ozone generator to hang at my stand and one for my clothes before the hunt. For those who have tried using these, does it work on the smart old hogs ?

From: Buffalo1
S N S the comment you may be referring to may have been made by the gentleman from TX- Drycreek.

I think I remember him make that comment or something close. I think he is a Ozonics user.

From: drycreek
Guilty as charged, all except the “gentleman” part. M. P. I’ve used one a lot in the last three years and while I don’t purposefully hunt with the idea that nothing can smell me, I’ve had numerous hogs and even a couple coyotes come in from straight downwind while using the Ozonics unit. I was in one of my homemade bow blinds about three years ago when a large sow and another hog that I never saw came in almost to my blind from downwind. I heard them walking and one grunted, I assumed a boar, he went right, she went left. She was so close I could have spit on her. I never saw him because that window was covered as I had no shot that way.....to much brush. She did come out in front, too close to clear my window bottom, then turned away. I had other hogs in front of me, and as much as I would have liked to kill a 200 lb. sow, I went ahead and stuck a 125 lb.ish sow in front of me. Hog in the trail is worth two in the brush ! This blind was on the ground.

In two consecutive days I had a 175 lb. ish boar and a coyote walk directly beside a box blind from behind me. Neither knew I was in the world until I shot them. This blind was on a 5’ platform.

In order for it to be the most effective, you have to be able to manage your wind. If you have the wind blowing through your front window, and out another window, and position the airflow from the unit to “fall” between you and the open window it will work. In a tree stand, I don’t think it’s nearly as effective. A gusty or the dreaded “light and variable” wind will screw you. Been there and done that. It’s not a cure-all, just another tool. I use it for hogs regardless, but only deer hunting in certain circumstances. Hope this helps.

From: Highlife
Thought you said you were going gone?

From: RK
WTH groundhunter?? You were leaving for good yesterday. Now what is your plan

I hate this Hollywood crap

From: wytex
Hogs are smart and will learn your stand habits, try the ozonics but I agree with getting on the ground and stalking them. They have an incredible sense of smell but eyesight is not near as good.They put out a strong odor so you can find them just by still hunting downwind. I think in 25 years of hog hunting I've maybe taken 1 from or by a stand or feeder. Hit those travel paths to the feeding areas, they'll leave you a trail of poop to follow. Good luck, we take a couple of friends down to Texas on the family place every year. Taking a retired coal miner this year for a bucket list hunt.

From: foxwillkill
I have hunted hogs with an Ozonics 3 years now. They have come in down wind, they can smell the Ozonics but doesn't alert them. They have just come right on in. Works best on a blind.

From: drycreek
ground hunter, I’m not hunting hogs for fun, I’m hunting hogs to kill some and put the fear of God into the others. I don’t hunt them with a bow although I will kill one if I’m bowhunting deer. I hunt with a rifle, sometimes in the daytime, but mostly at night. I hunt with an AR 15 and put a bullet in as many as I can before they get out of the opening. I have killed one triple, several doubles, but mostly I kill one at a time. I also target sows, not boars, but I’ll take what I can get. I despise the plot and pasture rooting bastards and I kill every one I can.

From: M.P.
Thanks , i have fooled a few deer and a few bear that came in downwind but the big old deer and wise old hogs are way tougher to fool than the young ones. I need every advantage i can get

From: Medicinemann
I have read some threads on here about nosejammer. That might be less expensive than an ozonics unit....but I have no experience with either one.....

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