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Best base layers with silver technology
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Looking to get 3 tops and bottoms for thin base layers of something with permanent scent control. I have some older versions of various brands already that supposedly contain silver, and all I know is that they do not seem to retain any smell, even a warm day with a lot of walking. What is everyone using?

From: Jaquomo
I have several different brands, all purchased on sale at Sierra Trading Post. All work great.

For those skeptics, silver base layer technology was developed by NASA for astronauts who don't have a washing machine. Silver is proven to kill odor-causing bacteria. A thin silver base (silk-weight) under a merino wool layer is about as scent-free a system as exists, especially for multiple days.

From: Scrappy
A lot of out door clothing companies are incorporating the polygene technology. I have probably eight to ten pieces with it and have had absolutely zero funk from any of them even after many days in the field. Google it if you haven't heard of it before. Even the hippie companies are pushing the technology to save the planet from washing your clothes to much.

From: smarba
I ditto Scrappy's success with Polygiene technology. I can't speak for other brands but the Sitka base layers I've used with polygiene have performed admirably for me. Zero stink after days of wearing in hot weather and sweating.

From: franklin
I have a couple of sets that are no longer being made. To back up what Jaq stated....I have friends in the horse racing business and they swear by a thing called "silver water" for help healing up horses. Guys actually make this through a chemical process....they make a mint. Very interesting stuff.

From: cnelk
Based on other threads, I thought using upgraded technology was a bad thing? Is wool ‘too difficult’ to use. Haha!

From: Medicinemann
Scrappy/Smarba, I searched the Patagonia website, and found a fabric called Capilene….but it made no mention of whether it used polygiene technology or not. I also remember owning a capilene base layer about 15 years ago, but I don't remember it having any improved odor control. Is this fairly new technology? Do you have a link to a retail outlet that you could post? Jaquomo, I have a base layer set that employs some type of silver impregnation....but I bought it years ago, and have never been able to find more of it. I checked your Sierra Trading Post referral, but only found Merino wool base layers....nothing like silver skin.

From: smarba
Capilene has been around a long time. Polygiene is a "coating" on fabric/yarns. I don't know much about it. I'm sure you can google and find out as much about it as you'd care to.

All I know is Sitka used to use silver technology, and I found it to work well. They have switched to Polygiene and if anything I believe it works even better. Not sure which other brands use either. Both are viable and do work.

From: kscowboy
Interesting thread and will be following. I was considering improving my base layers this year and it looks like you all will talk me into it. How do some of these linings hold up after multiple washings?

From: franklin
Mine have held up for close to 10 years and the fabric looks the same. Funny story....the elastic waistband wore out and lost it stretch. Knowing you can`t find these anymore I took both pairs to a little old lady that does tailoring. I told her to replace the elastic and she said...."why don`t you just buy a new pair of pajamas"

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