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JetBlue travel
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Neubauer 06-Jan-20
Bou'bound 06-Jan-20
TravisScott 06-Jan-20
MaBow 14-Jan-20
XbowfromNY 15-Jan-20
From: Neubauer
Have any of you traveled on JetBlue with a frozen hide? It doesn’t look like they are very hunter friendly by not allowing antlers but I’m curious about freezing a cougar hide in a cooler and checking it. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

From: Bou'bound
They would never know what is in it. No issues.

From: TravisScott
X2 Bou’bound

I’ve flown with them a couple times. I had a bear hide and a Coues cape with no issues. They never even asked.

From: MaBow
I carried my lion hide as a carry on also. I didn’t want the airline to loose a checked bag.

From: XbowfromNY
In 2012 I flew JetBlue JFK to PHX and back for a lion hunt. On my way home, I bought a cheap cooler at wal-mart and put inside it my frozen lion hide (with head in tact) and same for 2 grey foxes. I went through security and they touched it to make sure it was frozen and I was good to go. This was all carry-on.

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