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South Dakota elk depredation hunt
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Huntcell 07-Jan-20
lewis 07-Jan-20
Brotsky 07-Jan-20
APauls 07-Jan-20
JusPassin 07-Jan-20
midwest 07-Jan-20
Brotsky 07-Jan-20
HH 08-Jan-20
No Mercy 08-Jan-20
From: Huntcell
So a few residents will have an opportunity to whack a good bunch of elk. Sounds like some good practice on live targets.

Not to high a level of proficiency required 3 of 5 rounds in 8” at 200 yards.

Couldn’t open up their link so pasted the story .

The National Park Service (NPS), working with South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP), is again seeking skilled volunteers to reduce its elk herd at Wind Cave National Park (Wind Cave) to help address the high rate of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in the park. A total of eight trained volunteers will be needed – four each week for the first two weeks in February.

Elk will be removed in order to maintain the population at the desired target inside the park. This action is consistent with the range of options presented in the Wind Cave Elk Management Plan/ Environmental Impact Statement signed in 2009.

Every animal taken during this operation will be tested for CWD. The NPS is partnering with GFP to distribute elk meat to Feeding South Dakota, an organization dedicated to eliminating hunger in the state. Also, volunteers who work an entire week on this operation will be eligible to receive a portion of elk meat. Only meat with a ‘not-detected’ test result for CWD will be distributed to volunteers or Feeding South Dakota. Four different volunteers will be needed for this operation during each of the two weeks beginning February 3. Two teams will be formed, each consisting of an NPS team leader and two volunteers.

Anyone wishing to volunteer must submit an online application through their license profile at the GFP website, Volunteers will be selected through a lottery. Applications will be accepted from January 3, 2020, to January 10, 2020. Only online applications will be accepted, no paper applications will be allowed for this project. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, a South Dakota resident, have no felony record and be willing to undergo a background check.

Volunteers who are selected will be contacted by NPS personnel. Volunteers will be required to demonstrate advanced firearms proficiency and physical fitness to participate. Each volunteer will be required to hit an 8-inch target at 200 yards a minimum of three times out of five shots using their own firearm and non-lead ammunition. During the week, volunteers will also be required to hike up to 10 miles per day over rough terrain and carry packs weighing up to 70 pounds in winter weather conditions. For more information visit or email

Applications are Now Being Taken For Wind Cave Elk Depredation

From: lewis
Damn 70 lb pack for 10 miles in winter conditions that will eliminate a bunch of folks. I guess the park service can pretty much do what they want.Dont forget lead free ammunition. Lewis

From: Brotsky
Get up in the morning, your "guide" locates the herds using their GPS collars, you drive as close as you can in the pickup on the established roads and then you hike into position. Once you take position you light up the herd to get as many as you can. Then you spend the rest of the day butchering and packing. Rinse and repeat. Not a hunt for me, not really a hunt at all. Just a slaughter in the name of "kill them all" because we all know killing them all solves the CWD problem.

From: APauls
Yes Brotsky, it has worked everywhere else, why not in SD?

From: JusPassin
Hmmm, maybe need to use that same philosophy in dealing with AIDS, I mean after all, if it works on ungulates..

From: midwest
If I was a resident, that would be a hard pass for me.

From: Brotsky
I might add that last time they did this I saw many pics of the "hunters" posing with a lot of bulls that were harvested. I scratched my head at picking the bulls out of the herd as shooting cows would surely reduce the herd and meet objectives a lot faster. I'm no biologist though, just a wrinkled old white guy as pointed out in another thread.

From: HH
Yes, I know guys wont touch that hunt with a 10ft pole. One pic of the slaughter gets out and depending where you work and state, "your done" in Snowflake FB World". Cow hunt only. That's a sucker punk job right there.

Better than putting wolves in I'de wager!


From: No Mercy
ND did this hunt in Theodore Roosevelt Park for a few years, then stopped doing it. Now the park hires sharp shooters to kill the elk instead, and you never hear boo about it unless you request the info from the government. I have no idea where the meat goes now. No-this is definitely not a fair chase hunt, it is a meat acquisition.

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