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2020 - 2025 Idaho Mule deer plan
Mule Deer
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Outdoordan 08-Jan-20
Predeter 08-Jan-20
Outdoordan 09-Jan-20
HUNT MAN 09-Jan-20
From: Outdoordan

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For those of you that hunt, or would like to hunt in Idaho. This is the new Mule Deer plan for the next 5 years. At issue, overcrowding, opportunity, population dynamics, and habitat. If you plan to hunt, please look at the population dynamics as the mule deer seem to be doing poorly in some places (eastern) and better in the Center and Northern areas (for whitetail).

From: Predeter
Thanks for the link. Lot of info there.

From: Outdoordan
Yes, I think that anyone that hunts mule deer in any state should read this. It's full of good information. Idaho is right on the brink of some major changes it is full of different pathways forward. This goes through many of those. I believe these changes will be for the better.

I agree and thanks for posting Dan.

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