Pennsylvania Deer Cruelty
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yooper89 11-Jan-20
yooper89 11-Jan-20
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SixLomaz 11-Jan-20
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From: yooper89
Looks like these boys got the book thrown at em.

From: yooper89
It’s not letting me add the url below. Sorry.

From: Trial153
Good they deserve everything they get

From: Ursus Hunter

Ursus Hunter's Link
Here is the Press release & list of Charges directly from the Pa Game Commission & local DA

From: SixLomaz
What they did is a serious sign of mental illness which shouldn't be ignored because people will be next on the menu.

From: Timex
I agree a serious lack of principles morales & ethics their parents failed miserably & I'll bet this situation only angers them further

From: BC173
One of those young men is the step-son of the local county Sheriff. I live less than an hour from where this crime took place, and let me tell you, people are sickened by this, and rightfully so. Local scuttlebutt has the sons step-father staying completely out of the situation. We’ll see.

From: drycreek
I can’t imagine what warped little minds would think that was a good idea. I hope they are found guilty of all charges and I vehemently disagree that the juvenile gets to remain anonymous. I’ve never thought a criminal’s age should shield him from public exposure, no matter the crime.

From: lawdy
These kids bear watching over the next few years. Any girls thinking of linking up with them need to think twice.

From: GF
“make them pick up road kill in the heat of the summer on a road crew”

I especially like that one!


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