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From: lewis
Dadgum it after missing out on Az elk with Bigdan in 2018 because of a blownout knee which I had replaced in July a new trip was planned for this upcoming year.Well we all know how that plan changed.So fast forward I have been working out doing very good and thinking about planning another trip.

Then something crazy and rare happened I freaking dislocated my surgically repaired knee Wednesday afternoon after working out and taking off my shoe. I can not describe how intense the pain was. I met with an orthopedic here in Florida and this was the first one he had ever seen.

It is sore now but doable but I’m not sure how this will play out. I actually walked over a mile today.Very frustrating. I just had to vent.


From: JohnMC
Lots of time to recover between now and Sept. Good luck!

From: t-roy
Hopefully, you will heal up quickly, lewis!

From: Bou'bound
You’re tougher than most. You will come out on top Lewis

From: drycreek
Damn lewis, that’s not good ! When and if you get in the tall and uncut, you might want to think about some kind of brace. My right knee decides to try something other than what I plan every now and then, and I limp for about three or four steps and it gets back right again but God forbid I would hurt it worse when I’m a long way away from my ride. Good luck with it !

From: lewis
Thanks all and good luck to you all Lewis

From: franklin
There was guy that tried to climb Everest with a recently replaced knee and he had the same issue. It kept popping out if he got his boot stuck in a rock or snow. He had stretched everything out so much it was popping out constantly....had to throw in the towel.

From: LKH
Careful. The biggest problem with recovery after surgery is our ego. We seem to think that because we can do what they tell us to, surely we can do more!

I did it after a shoulder surgery and it set me back weeks.

From: Paul@thefort
I have been using knee sleeves when hunting, especially elk, to protect, to keep warm, to brace, etc. Really helps a minor sore knee and maybe a major injury to help in recovery.

my best, Paul

Man that sucks,work on your quad really helps to keep everything tight.good luck brother

From: huntnmuleys
Damn that blows. Knee problems suck. Hope ya heal up fast

From: Scar Finga
Good luck Lewis and I hope it heals up quickly!

I have bad knees, so literally feel your pain!!

Take it easy on it and get a good knee brace! I wear one on both knees when I train and hunt. Better to be safe and a little uncomfortable then really sorry in the back country!

From: Jasper
Praying for you Lewis. Hang in there buddy!

From: SBH
Thats a bummer. Still time. Focus your energy into your recovery. Good advice above regarding muscle strength around the joints. Hope your on the mend soon.

From: lewis
Again thanks for all the good wishes I thought I had this battle won but reality struck I did stretches today and did ok kinda. I did a lot of research and this happening is incredibly rare. Good luck all Lewis

From: Rut Nut
Better days are ahead lewis……………….hang in there! One thing I have learned over the years...…………………….it takes longer to heal as we get older, but the healing power of the human body is amazing! (And as bad as it gets, there is ALWAYS somebody worse off than you! ;-)

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