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AZ license exp. 2/11 Need a new one?
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Stekewood 12-Jan-20
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elkstabber 13-Jan-20
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BOWUNTR 04-Feb-20
'Ike' 07-Feb-20
From: Stekewood
I recall reading about not needing to buy a new hunting license when applying in AZ if the current license is still valid on the draw deadline. My current license was bought 2/12/19 and expires 2/11/20. The draw deadline is 11:59 PM on 2/11.

Am I good to go with the application using my current license? I was going to give them a call this week but I'm sure some of you guys have a definitive answer on this.


From: NoWiser
In the past it has always been good if valid on the draw deadline.

From: bb
I saw it written on the AZFG website The way I understand it, it states that the license has to be valid on the day of the draw not the draw deadline.

OK, I just re-read, they make it pretty clear that the license has to be valid on Tuesday Feb 11. I would take that to mean that it's still good for this draw.

From: Trial153
You can skirt AZ for two years on license for the early draws, however it won't be good for the sheep draw ect. The good thing about AZ is that for the license cost of a NR at least you can apply across the board fairly cheaply. Couple that with some OTC opportunities and there are a lot worse state to apply to. S0 the short answer if your only in the elk draw...yea your good otherwise no need this current years license. which reminds me to go apply and buy the li and put in my applications as I will need next week for our OTC hunt anyway.

From: elkstabber
Trial153 (above) is right on. Additionally, if you time it right you can buy 2 licenses every 3 years and be in all draws (elk and sheep).

From: Stekewood
Thanks guys.

From: BigRed
I'm going to give it a try this year... Mine expires on the 11th as well.

Mine expires today, so it will not be any good if I apply today?

From: Robear
No, you will need to buy a new one.

I just bought my lifetime license... never have to worry about my expiration date again... Life is good. Ed F

From: WapitiBob
You can apply today and buy the license next week with a start date of feb 11 and comply with the regulation.

From: Medicinemann
Remember, the Az elk drawing is always dated for the second Tuesday of February. Next year (2021), the second Tuesday falls on the if you buy your license now, make sure that you have it go into effect on 2/11/20....per WapitiBob's comment.

From: Z Barebow
Per Medicineman

I did exactly that yesterday. When you buy your license, you can pick your start date. I picked 2/11.

From: lewis
Good luck all I have 14 points and might be done not sure if I can go again just too many health issues Lewis

Bowhunter, how much did the lifetime license cost as a NR? That is a great idea, I get sick buying that license every year.

From: NoWiser
Lifetime licenses are not available for a NR.

Not available for NR. $555 for a resident in my age group and I stay in the resident drawing pool for the rest of my life. Ed F

From: 'Ike'
Take a chance, I always like less competition.... ;-)

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