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Limcroma Safaris 2020 Promo Video
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Firehuntfish 12-Jan-20
RK 12-Jan-20
IKE220 12-Jan-20
Chief 419 12-Jan-20
Dale06 12-Jan-20
t-roy 12-Jan-20
Buffalo1 15-Jan-20
StickFlicker 15-Jan-20
SBH 15-Jan-20
Chief 419 15-Jan-20
Firehuntfish 16-Jan-20
LINK 16-Jan-20
0hndycp 16-Jan-20
Blue 16-Jan-20
From: Firehuntfish

Firehuntfish's Link
With a new season ahead of us, we at Limcroma Safaris are pleased to present our 2020 promotional video in the link attached... We have lots of new amenities for our guests to enjoy at our 2 luxurious lodges, and we have more hunting properties than ever exclusively for our guests to hunt... Whether you are planning that first African safari with the wife or family, or you are the most seasoned African veteran hunting the Dangerous 7, we have you covered... Come and see why the majority of Limcroma clients are planning their next safaris with us before the first one is over...

From: RK
VERY well done promotional video!!

From: IKE220
Very Nice video. We will talk in Nashville!

From: Chief 419
Anyone looking to go bowhunting in Africa, look no further. Limcroma will not dissapoint.

From: Dale06
Been there twice. First class all the way.

From: t-roy
Limcroma X3! First class operation,in every aspect.

From: Buffalo1
I can't get the link to open. Anyone else having this problem?

From: StickFlicker
Dan, fantastic job on the video!


From: SBH
Wow! That video was awesome. I’ve never really wanted to go to Africa but that video was an eye opener! May have changed my mind! Great footage. Thanks for the post.

From: Chief 419
SBH - If you make one hunt in Africa, you’ll be trying to figure out finances for your second trip. If you make the trip, you won’t regret it. Africa is just another spot on the Earth that happens to have fantastic bowhunting. Write the check. You’ll be glad you did.

From: Firehuntfish
Buffalo1, I checked the link and it seems to be working fine for me... Maybe you have a filter on your computer that won't allow media sources like YouTube to open..? You can also just go to YouTube directly and view it there....

To those of you who have hunted with us, our sincere thanks for the nice comments.... For those of you haven't been to Africa yet, if you like what you see on the video, I guarantee you that your live experience will be even better... Africa is STILL the best overall value in an outfitted hunt anywhere in the planet.... At Limcroma, we welcome the opportunity to exceed your expectations at every level...! Come and hunt with an outfitter and PHs that are all avid bow hunters themselves....

From: LINK

From: 0hndycp
I’m headed there in June with a great friend, and couldn’t be more excited for the trip!

From: Blue
Nice video. I will be hunting with them in Aug 20 this year!!!

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