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Arrows for 60# bow
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Banjo 13-Jan-20
wyobullshooter 13-Jan-20
Brotsky 13-Jan-20
bigdog21 13-Jan-20
Trial153 13-Jan-20
WapitiBob 13-Jan-20
ahunter76 13-Jan-20
12yards 13-Jan-20
Jaquomo 13-Jan-20
fubar racin 13-Jan-20
Scooby-doo 13-Jan-20
x-man 14-Jan-20
From: Banjo
Recently bought a new bow ( Hoyt Carbon Defiant). And after 30 years of shooting 70#, dropped to 60#. Just curious as to what spine arrows everyone is shooting out of their 60# bows. I always shot 340 spine out of my 70# bow ( Easton xx78 2315, 28” long w/ 125g head) tried them out of my new 60# bow and they seem stiff. Gonna try some 400 spine, just wondered what everyone else prefers.

Do you shoot with a release? If so, it’s darn near impossible to have an arrow that’s too stiff.

Due to elbow/shoulder issues, I’ve also had to drop my poundage. This past season I shot 57#, and have now worked my way up to 61#, which is where I’ll stay. My arrows are 26 1/4” Axis 340’s, with a 75gr brass insert and 100gr tip. My primary bow is a BowTech Realm SR6, with a BowTech BTX-28 as my backup. My arrows fly great at either weight, with either bow.

From: Brotsky
I shoot 340 spine FMJ's out of my 60# Prime. Arrow length 29", 75 gr brass insert, 100gr head. Fly like darts.

From: bigdog21
try adding 25 gr up front 145-160 tip would be a cheaper fix then new arrows. well maybe depends on type of broadhead. also bare shaft tune your 2315 to the bow moving the rest.

From: Trial153
I generlly shoot 26" shafts, i can get 400 spines with weight up front to tune easy enough.

From: WapitiBob
I shoot 400's.

Set the rest where it's supposed to be, then shim or yoke tune to get the string pushing straight behind the arrow (bullet hole), then fine tune bareshaft/fletched shaft at 20 yards with yoke.

From: ahunter76

ahunter76's embedded Photo
ahunter76's embedded Photo
my son shoots 400s out of his 60# Hoyt cut 28. I use Aluminums & depending on Animal have used 1913s for Antelope, 2117s, 2216s & 2219s hogs, Elk, Deer, Bears. 29". All 125 gr 3blade heads.

From: 12yards
Might depend on your draw length too. Shorter draw length you could probably do fine with a 400 spine. I have a 29.5" draw length and shoot 340s out of my 60# Synergy. I think you should be fine with your 340s. I even shoot 340s with a 125 grain head out of my 50# Impulse 34 and they fly like bullets. Like was mentioned, you could just add a heavier head and probably be perfect.

From: Jaquomo
I shoot 400s with a 125 grain head out of a 60# Bowtech. But as others have said, you can add a bunch of weight ip front and get the 340s to fly well. Personally I prefer starting with the right spine for the draw weight (400) but some guys like EFOC.

From: fubar racin
I usually shot 400 spine cut at 28” when I was shooting low 60s and 29” with 125 grain heads

From: Scooby-doo
I draw 28"s and shoot a 26.5" .400 spine with 175 grain heads. Tunes perfect. If you shoot 125 grain heads you can shoot a .400 spine out to 30"s BOP and be fine with 100-125 grain head. Shawn

From: x-man
You could make 400's work.

Having said that, there's no reason to switch from the 340's. Shooting a release, out of that bow, even 300's would tune fine at 60#.

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