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Awesome archery deer hunt
Mule Deer
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Buckslayer307 19-Jan-20
KSflatlander 19-Jan-20
Mule Power 19-Jan-20
Bou'bound 19-Jan-20
jingalls 19-Jan-20
Buckslayer307 19-Jan-20
Scoot 19-Jan-20
nmwapiti 19-Jan-20
Bowfinatic 19-Jan-20
Shug 19-Jan-20
The last savage 20-Jan-20
Predeter 20-Jan-20
buckeye 20-Jan-20

Buckslayer307's Link
Pretty cool archery deer hunt I went on this year. Figured Id share with everyone. I know I love watching everyones hunting videos in the winter to fuel that fire and keep me going through withdraws lol. Hope you guys like it.

From: KSflatlander
I love the DIY stalks. Nice bucks and beautiful country. Part 2?

From: Mule Power
Nice! It’s been a long time since I hunted country like that over around Medicine Bow. I love it. Looking forward to part 2.

From: Bou'bound
That’s awesome. Thanks

From: jingalls
Great job. Can’t wait for the next clip!!!

Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed the hunt. It was blast chasing bucks in the sagebrush this year.I posted part 2 on there as well if you want to check it out.

From: Scoot
Can you post a link to part 2? Part 1 was great!

From: nmwapiti
Some great footage! Cant wait for the rest.

Great stuff! Looking forward to more

From: Shug
Good stuff ... but I have to be honest I called you an obscenity when the To he continued popped up

My first time chasing big mulies this year,, excellent video,remided me of those " buck nests". They are cool to find. I ran across several that youd NEVER even know he was there if you werent 10 ft away... thx for posting it

From: Predeter
Great video's man! Hunted similar country in WY last year and this brought back some great memories. That wind is a killer in that broken country!

From: buckeye

part 2

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