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From: Yellowjacket

Yellowjacket's embedded Photo
Yellowjacket's embedded Photo
It seems the conventional wisdom nowadays is that you have to do a full body mount to do a lion justice.

However, I chose a rug for 3 reasons: 1. I have a small house and don’t have room for a full body mount 2. I’d rather spend the difference in the cost on another hunt or experience 3. Neither of my two daughters are likely to want any of my mounts. (I was 60 years old when I shot it in 2017.)

Anybody else choose to do a rug instead of a full body?

From: Quinn @work
No. I love my full body mount lion. I'm certainly not taking the $2,500 with me when I die.

You at least need to display the full rug and not have it hanging from the ceiling. It looks like a great cat! Great ram BTW!

From: Bou'bound
Rug can be a good alternative For the reasons you noted but not the way you have it displayed.

Unless you only taxidermied the left half spread that out and show it off. It would look super

I opted for a "rug" mount but less the trim border. I had it all stretched out in the den, that was until I passed by one dark morning and caught my toe on its du claw. OUCH! It is now being shown elsewheres.

From: JohnMC
What is the story on your door? That looks interesting.

From: APauls
Congrats on the cat! Sounds like you're happy with your decision which is all that matters. Just wondering if it will be in your way walking around. Especially if it's a smaller house close to a doorway.

From: Will
Cat is great... but that door is really cool.

Yeah as said,, hanging it doesn't do much for it at all... on a more positive note...congrats dude,,,

From: Yellowjacket
I really don't have floor space to spread it out on the floor. And the only wall big enough is in the bedroom. So its draped over a 2x4 beam in the living room.

It's just high enough that when I walk under it the hanging front paw scratches the top of my head. (I'm 5-10).

The previous owners had the front door custom made. I can't take credit but it's pretty cool.

From: Chief 419
The rug looks great and you've probably done the right thing by hanging it. My bear rug was getting ruined on the floor until I picked it up and draped it over the back of a recliner. Stretch it out on a wall if you have enough room left.

From: Bou'bound
I did not know that people ever even considered putting a bear rug on the floor and walking on it. Wow

From: Mertyman
Would love to at least see a picture of it on the floor stretched out. Looks like it would be cool. Congrats on a nice cat!

From: Treeline

Treeline's embedded Photo
Treeline's embedded Photo
Got one up on the wall and another one rolled up in a box.

This one was big and takes a lot of wall...

Have not done a life size and don’t think I will. This cat was the one to do it on if any.

Have killed several others that didn’t even mess with saving the hide.

From: Chief 419
Bou, There’s a reason you’re known as a useless prick on this site. Congrats!

From: GF
If anybody kills a cat (or is going after one) and doesn’t want the hide, let me know before you pitch it!

I think a lion would make an even cooler quiver than that piggie I was looking at...

I can’t stand to let a deer hide go to waste, let alone something like a cougar.... Way too many projects I could come up with...

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