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Strange... Recent wolf articles?
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coelker 23-Jan-20
yooper89 23-Jan-20
LKH 24-Jan-20
NoWiser 24-Jan-20
backcountrymuzzy 24-Jan-20
Ermine 25-Jan-20
Jaquomo 25-Jan-20
yooper89 25-Jan-20
KHNC 30-Jan-20
HH 30-Jan-20
coelker 30-Jan-20
KSflatlander 30-Jan-20
From: coelker
So when the CPW first came out about wolves confirmed in NW. They showed pictures of the elk carcass, they mentioned a bull elk was killed in Irish Canyon etc. However in the most recent issue... The only mention the "carcass of an animal" and not the location. However Raftopolis says he has seen them in his horse pasture at his house. They never say what the animal was, only a carcass... Moo Cow? Horse? Wild Horse? Livestock protection dog?

So what do you thiunk? Is the CPW being intentional vague on the latest "carcass" for a reason? Anyone want to bet it was not an elk or other wildlife killed? What does it mean if they have already killed and been killing livestock? Will the USFWS come in and kill the wolves if they are already on live stock?

Last night when I read the release the only thing I could think was how cool would it be if the wolves ripped apart the beloved Picasso wild horse in sand wash? That would be a great set of pictures to share...

From: yooper89
My guess is if it was livestock somebody would’ve been up in arms and it would’ve blown up. Might be semantics, but who knows.

From: LKH
OOOH GOODIE!!!! Another conspiracy is born.

From: NoWiser
Does it really matter what they killed? Wolves can’t be picky about what they eat.

We hunted that unit last fall and saw one. It was a bit surprising seeing a wolf outside of Minnesota but that’s a game rich area so it makes sense. It would be pretty entertaining to see the reactions if they started thinning out those “beloved” horses.


backcountrymuzzy's Link
I saw this article this morning that said they confirmed a pack of 6 in NW Moffat county

From: Ermine
My theory is the CPW has known about wolves for years. Yet if they acknowledged then they would have to manage them and that would cost money.

Now with the wolf reintroduction and it being on the ballot..the parks and wildlife are going to try and say that wolves are already here and for that reason there is no reason to introduce them.

I think it might be a good move to help the vote not pass

From: Jaquomo
Ermine, I've been told this same thing by a now-retired CPW official.

From: yooper89
Wolves in CO are like mountain lions in the UP. A terribly kept secret that DNR/CPW try to keep under the table.

From: KHNC
Black Panthers too! lol

From: HH
We have longtails cats in Tenn for a good while now. Have video of one killing a turkey on Video. Was on a property 3 miles down river from my land. They fish cops have gave the Ol "musta been a cat that was a pet" excuse. We had a good laugh at that one.


From: coelker
Well they came out today and admitted that one of the carcasses was a beef cow.

From: KSflatlander

KSflatlander's Link
Seems the TWRA has readily confirmed cougars in TN. Please post your video of a cougar killing a turkey in TN.

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