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WY Grizzly Bear Annual Relocation Report
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Bowboy 25-Jan-20
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From: Bowboy

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Here's the WY 2019 Relocation Report concerning Grizzlies. As you can see quite a few were killed not relocated.

If they would allow hunting I suspect you wouldn't have this issue.

From: Zbone
Thanks for sharing... Not sure because it doesn't really indicate, but the way I interpret is the blank entries for "Relocation Site" is when they killed them??? If so, that'd be 19 of 34...

Also notable was 16 of them were adult males, more than any other category...

From: LKH
Relocation, even in the best of circumstances has its risks. Alaska relocation story: Friend who was an avid bear hunter located the den of a large bear and landed his Cub in the next valley. The next morning he went in and was in the area below the den, slowly working his way up as he searched for the bear.

He happened to look behind and off to the side and the bear was in full charge about 60 yards out. He was shooting a .300 Weatherby with Nosler Partitions. At the 3rd round into the front of the bear (all in the vitals), the bear started spinning around and dropped out of sight. After a substantial wait he moved in and found the bear dead.

When he skinned it he found a tattoo in the lip. Years back it had been captured as a problem bear and relocated way off the road system. What would have happened if the first human this bear encountered was unarmed.

Relocation also has the added problem that most bear habitat is already occupied .

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