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Lifesize cow elk decoys
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Medicinemann 25-Jan-20
JohnMC 25-Jan-20
PO Cedar 25-Jan-20
From: Medicinemann
Interested in looking at what is available. Just want something that is very lightweight, and can briefly get/keep a bull's attention..... Any suggestions?

From: JohnMC
I have a Montana. They are light. I find it is still a pain to get out and set up and take down even though each only takes a short amount of time. After doing several set ups in a day I find not worth the effort most of time or things happen so fast you really don't have the time. The kind that mounts on bow I have never used for elk but have for turkeys. They have pluses and minuses. IMO ideally you want the decoy behind you for the elk to see. Having on bow allows you a chance to get away with some extra movement, but it also has the potential to hang up a limbs and such. If the wind is blowing you now have a sail attached to your bow. Most of time I go without or leave in pack. I did kill a cow many years ago with a foam decoy that rolled up set up behind me and it did have her attention.

From: PO Cedar
Maybe Wayne Carlton's "Butthead" decoy?

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