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Eastern cape
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From: bghunter
I been to South Africa in the Limpopa region, but have the itch to go back. Found a good deal out of the eastern Cape. Anyone been there and can provide any insight into area etc.

From: Firehuntfish
PM sent...

From: bghunter
Thank you responded to pm

From: Overland
In South Africa it really isn't going to matter where geographically the ranch you hunt is located. What matters is the size of the ranch, what animals they have on it, and if this works for you. Very, very little of SA is native/wild animals. As such, whatever the ranch has stocked or bred from stock is what will be there.

Or are you more concerned with the variety of terrain? If so, definitely check if the ranch will let you spot/stalk or hunt out of a natural blind. For the usual waterhole blind it doesn't matter if the ranch is hilly or not, as your experience will be similar regardless.

From: Bake

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My one and only African trip was to the eastern cape. I really enjoyed it. My wife enjoyed it as well. We hunted a huge conservancy of properties. Only hunted 6 days but had a great time. Only sat a blind two evenings for kudu. The rest of the time was spotting and stalking. I killed 4 animals with a bow, and 7 animals with a rifle.

Link is to the thread I did on it. It’s from 2016. So none of the pics are showing. PM is you want more info

From: Highlife
FWIW MY non hunting wife enjoyed the living hell out of the Cape. Lot different than where you've been. It's Africa enjoy!

From: gobble50
Been to RSA & Namibia on (3) exclusive bow hunts & (2) rifle hunts. One rifle hunt was in the East Cape - loved it there - very scenic & all low fence, free ranging all natural native animals. I don’t think there is much bow hunting there - I’d stick to the Limpopo region or Namibia ( my favorite bow hunt) for bow hunting.

From: Mathewsphone
I've been there out of Port Elizabeth 14 days malaria free I hunted with East cape safaris

From: billc
I have hunted the east cape twice. Plus most of SA and Namibia. The east cape on avg has the bigger areas in SA. There is animals I would hunt there and some I would not. I would say it is the one area were you can do more glassing to spot game.Kudu and bushbuck on avg are smaller but cost less and many call them cape kudu and bushbuck. I think they are different and have darker hides and make great mounts. there is low fences areas and high fence areas and yes some animals have been stocked but have breed and now have herds for hunting but there is also plenty of native game there also. Depending on game you want you may do some longer drives to get to other cape areas so ask about that if you just want to hunt out of one lodge and area.

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