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A Thank You and an Update
Mountain Goat
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I've been a little MIA the past few months, more on that in a bit, but I wanted to start by saying a very sincere THANK YOU to a few members. I drew a Mountain Goat tag for unit 314 in MT last fall and got very helpful information from Brian (Zbarebow), Randy (Big Fin), and especially from, nobody's surprise I'm sure, Hunter (HUNT MAN). Thank you gentlemen for your help, support, and information. Hunter was especially supportive and helpful, I think he was more excited than I was......and we had never met! lol. We talked several times on the phone and he was always very encouraging and positive, he really is one of a kind.......and in a GOOD way! Thanks again man! I did not get a goat, I chose to do it unguided, solo, and with a bow. Had I used a gun, I would've been done in short order. I did hit a nice billy on day 5 of my first trip, I thought it was a great shot, but after leaving him overnight, then watching him in the rock cliffs for the majority of the next day, he was still alive and in a location I couldn't reach. It hurt....a goat with my bow has been at the top of my bucket list for years, and I had a chance. I made a second trip out at the end of October and was welcomed with 2+ feet of snow, and below zero temps. I found more goats after several hours of "travel", but again they were inaccessible with the limited range of my bow. I had a great time, worked hard, and tried my best, but it wasn't meant to me.

Please go here if you'd like to read about it. I did a recap on facebook. Hmm.....OK, I'm not sure how to share the post without giving everyone access to my page/account. Any ideas?

Then, last summer my boss, who is one of my best friends came into my office and told me that the construction company I work for was going to shut down as of September 1st. I had worked there for 24 years as a project manager and thought I would be there my entire life. It was kick in the gut. I will be 48 this spring, my Dad died when he was 48 and I had planned a couple of hunts in his honor this year. One was a father/son hunt with my 13 year old boy, the other a whitetail archery hunt in KS. Dad was my deer hunting partner, so high the list was a whitetail hunt. It's on hold because I decided to start my own business, and this time of year in ND is slooooow. Even though I have....or had (lol), some money in savings, I haven't had a paycheck in 4 months so I need to be smart with things and that is something new to me. HA!

And then, I blew out the bicep tendon in my right arm last fall. It detached and rolled up in my arm about 3". I had surgery to pull it down and reattach it, but the recovery is slow and they initially told me 6 months. I had 2 months of bowhunting left when it happened, and now that was over. I'm still about a month away from being able to draw a bow. So, by November last fall I had no job, and my bowhunting season was over. I'm also a fitness rat and work out hard all year, much like hunting, it's therapeutic. Well now that was gone too since I couldn't use my right arm. Every day was leg day and that just wasn't the same. I was one crabby mofo. Anyway, this isn't, or at least I don't mean for this post to be a pity party, but 2019 can kiss my ass! I just wanted to say my thanks to the awesome members here for their help, and to say CONGRATS to all those that were successful on their hunts this past fall that I didn't already acknowledge! I didn't intend to stay away cuz I love bowsite! I have been trying to start a business, get healthy, deal with life, and figure out all my new computer crap!!! Happy 2020 everyone!

From: Treeline
Thanks for the recap!

Tough luck on the goat hunt and other issues in 2019. Congratulations on getting out there and giving them hell!

Hope you have an awesome year in 2020!

From: KSflatlander
Yep, good bye 2019. No sense in trading in your tomorrows to remain in yesterday. Good luck to you in 2020. I hope it’s is as high as your 2019 lows.

From: Scoot

I heard about some of your trials and tribulations in 2019, but not all of them. I included you in my prayers a time or two, but it sounds like it didn't help too terribly much! When it rains it pours sometimes, doesn't it?!? Good luck with your business! I hope it's a huge success and goes very well for you.

Regarding the three gentlemen you mentioned early in your post- I know Z a bit, have met and spent a little time with Hunter, and have communicated by PM and e-mail with Randy. My impression of them is the same as yours-- absolutely salt of the earth dudes! Everything I know about all three is positive and I'm not the least bit surprised to hear they helped you out. Ironically, I text Hunter this morning asking for his input on some elk options for my son and me next Sep. As expected, he was happy to help and offer up this thoughts.

Thanks for the post and update. I had a tough loss of an animal this past fall and it hurt (a lot), so I can certainly relate. Here's to a better 2020, than 2019 for you!

From: Grey Ghost
Man, sorry to hear about your tough luck. However, as they say, "what doesn't kill you....."

I can relate your mountain goat story. The first time I drew that tag, I stuck 2 billys with what I thought were lethal shots, only to never recover them. Tough tough animal.

Not to downplay your bicep injury, but did you know that John Elway played an entire football season with that injury to his throwing arm? It was a complete bicep rupture that balled up into his arm, just like yours. Freakishly, the ruptured bicep relieved pressure on his ailing throwing shoulder, allowing him to throw a football better than he had for years. Just a meaningless bit of sports trivia that popped into my head....

I'm sure 2020 will treat you better.


Hunt man is the best for sure. I’ve never met him but, one day I will. I feel like we are best friends. Definitely one of a kind.

Glad to hear about the great hunt. Hate to hear about all the bad happenings though.

Listen, I have a commercial and private contracting business. Licensed and insured. And, I need HELP. If you’d be interested in buying tine until ND weather cooperates, give me a call. I could put more in front of you then you’d every be able to do the next 4 months. I’d put you up free too. Good luck and God Bless

From: tkjwonta
Hang in there John. Sounds like you gave a superb effort on your mt goat hunt, but it didn't work out and sometimes that's just bowhunting. Hope your luck turns around and you get to spend some great father/son time on a hunt with your kid! Good luck for a better 2020.

One door closes and another one opens. Best of luck and believe good things are coming your way. C

From: kota-man
Good luck John...You WILL persevere.

From: Brotsky
Glad to see you back John! Wishing you a much better 2020 than 2019. It's amazing the help you can find on Bowsite. Lots of good folks out there willing to lend a helping hand.

From: Spiral Horn
Thanks John. Your story is a great reminder that life’s challenges are going to happen to just about all of us at some time or another. Hopefully I’ll look back to your example of keeping a positive attitude and staying focused on taking the next right steps when it does.

All the best — can’t wait to hear about your next bowhunting adventure.

From: buzz mc
"2019 can kiss my ass!" - That's my sentiments also. Let's get on with 2020.

I hope the coming year/s go much better for you.

From: Inshart
God's speed to you John, sounds like WV has a damn good offer!! Hey, if you talk nice you might even get time off to elk hunt.............

From: elkmtngear
Sorry to hear about all the B.S. last Season, John. I've had a few over the Years, that I'd love to erase from my memory banks as well.

Been following you on FB for a few Years've had some tremendous success the last few years! Just seems like bad luck, always comes down all at once. Here's to a great 2020 Season for you!

I hope 2020 is your best year yet. Sorry to hear about 2019. But that is in the past and we are moving forward.. Hunter

From: midwest
When one door closes, another opens. Best of luck with your new venture!

Thanks for the words guys! To be clear....I am a glass half full kind of guy. Life can ALWAYS be worse.......ALWAYS. I am thankful for so many things and these are/were just bumps in the road to which I say..........BRING IT!!!

From: Bou'bound
That attitude is far too rare these dayS. Your blessed to love life that way.

From: drycreek
Sorry about your biceps and about your job GH. Pretty bitter pill to swallow when your job folds up. I hope you heal well and good luck on your new venture !

From: Beav
Thanks for the recap and like you said Hunt is “one of a kind!”

Well hell----->

Keep in mind that Life Always Gets Better!!

Good luck, Robb

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