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Davis wall tent
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From: Abndoc
Anyone have any experience with Davis wall tent...pros and cons.


From: cnelk
All pros for me. Call em. Tell them what you are looking for/needing. I had them made a custom size tent for me and they offered up some other suggestions too

From: mn_archer
If you are talking Davis tent and Awning in Denver I have experience with them.

Back in 2003 I bought a 14 x 16 with one of their pole kits and nesting stove pipe from them. I've used that tent on at least a dozen elk hunts in all sorts of weather.

They were very awesome to deal with and they have a quality product


From: wytex
Great to deal with, we have a 12x14 internal frame, get the internal frame angles and a rain fly. The eave sleeves would be handy as well for an awning or cook shack.

From: coelker
They are good but I think that the Wall Tent Shop is better. Not a lot better but definitely better...

Mine is awesome. cant go wrong with these tents

From: Abndoc
appreciate the feedback!! Thanks

From: HiMtnHnter
Davis tents are great for the right situations. I have a 14x16 that is used most years. No complaints at all.

From: Don K
Davis is great. Call them and chat even if your going to buy somewhere else as they will help you with any questions no matter what

From: Zim
Love mine as well. High quality and customer service is excellent. Call them direct with questions

From: Quinn @work
Can’t recommend a better company and tent. Great customer service. They have repaired small tears over the years at a minimal cost. All tears were my fault and one was a bear who decided he had to go through the wall to get in. My tent is 25 years old and still performing like new,

From: Gold Miner
Great tent! Cant go wrong with it!

From: Paul@thefort
And another great, Davis has donated a tent to the CBA banquet for years. my best, Paul

From: Mule Power
I’m with Coelker... nothing wrong with Davis. I’ve had both but I think tents from the Wall Tent Shop are a tad nicer.

Plus the price is right on both the tent and angle kit for a frame. Free shipping is the cherry on top.

I just sold my 10x12 for nearly what I paid for it. I’m jumping up one size and will be buying another one from the Wall Tent Shop for sure.

From: Heat
Can't say much more than the rest about Davis. Great tent and have gotten excellent service after the sale on the issues I have had due to user error.

From: Big John
I have (2) Davis Tents, IMHO they are the best Wall Tents made!!!

From: Inshart
Never had one from them, but I have nothing but great things to say about my Kodiak. When I researched tents there were a LOT of recommendations for it. They say "set up in 5 minutes. Well out of the box it took me about 8 minutes till it was completely up. I used it in CO and the one day/night we had a thunderstorm come through with 60 plus wind gusts and not a drop came in - nor did it waver at all. GREAT TENT.

From: Tdvorak
I’m kinda surprised more people in the lower 48 haven’t made the move to more weatherproof tents that are easier to maintain, use and transport. There are some fantastic options out there. My prediction: as more old-schoolers die and hunters get more experience in harsh weather of Alaska there will be a quick turn-over to the other tents because the hunters will prefer and request it with their lower 48 outfitters.

From: Hank_S

Hank_S's embedded Photo
Hank_S's embedded Photo
I've not used other brands, however, the Davis tent that I purchased in 2007 has been fabulous...throughout heavy rain, snow and high winds. I have a 12' x 14' with an internal frame as well as a 7' awning that makes a great cooking area. The company has been great at quickly repairing any problems that I caused...I highly recommend them!!!

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