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First time elk hunter
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mndotbob 30-Jan-20
KleinVictor 19-Feb-20
pav 19-Feb-20
Elkpacker1 20-Feb-20
From: mndotbob
I am from Minnesota and am planning on trying elk hunting for the first time. I am 61 in very good shape. Not looking for a trophy just any elk for my first trip. As of now I will be going solo unless I find a partner to go with or someone from Idaho that would let me tag along. Any suggestions on good areas to hunt. Not looking for your secret spots. Was looking at the Weiser River zone as a possible area to hunt.

From: KleinVictor
I may be in the wrong here, but are you sure you can hunt elk in Minnesota? As I know of, you need a special license, and it is given through lottery.

From: pav

From: Elkpacker1
Give me a call 206 786 0132. I am moving fro king county WA to Spokane WA. I am 1.5 hours from great elk hunting in Idaho. have horses mules. I am 62 and now my wife wants some one to go with me. usally by myself

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