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I don't know how this pertains to bowsite other then it was plain cool. Like or dislike hound hunting, this video was so unique I had to share it after watching it on you tube. Lots of bears shot out of treee and bayed up against something. But, I have never heard of one from coming out o an Auger hole. Until now.

Holy cats. Thats some crazy stuff!

Pretty cool!

Good stuff !! Hound hunting..... an American Heritage.....!!!

From: JB
Looks like quite an adrenaline rush at the end.

From: Shiloh
I turkey hunted with those guys last year and they are good people!! They have some cat footage that is gonna be as epic as this bear video!!

From: Rut Nut
I don't know if I'd call it a MONSTER bear, but that was cool! Couldn't imagine what they were thinking waiting for it to come out of that hole!

From: kota-man

From: Shuteye
Happy hounds. In my younger years I coon hunted with a buddy that had coon hounds and it was a lot of fun. We used a single hound a lot of times and would tied him to a tree before shooting the coon or he would destroy the hide, which we wanted in good shape.

From: APauls
Seems like a different kind of intense hunt. So much of what we accept is based on how we were raised. Watched a Norwegian moose hunt on youtube or maybe it was Finnish I can't remember where the dog goes around and chases the moose in front of the rifle.

Shiloh, they sure do go all over the west on OTC tags and kill mountain lions. They are indeed some hard core hunters. Doesn't matter the species.

Rut Nut, A 340 lb bear in WV, killed with hounds, is a really big bear. They don't often climb trees when they get that heavy. Anywhere. It hurts them. They usually just slumber along and kill every dog that gets too close. So as a hound kill, it is a good one.

APauls I agree that many will misunderstand a video like this. However, I can assure you that most of those people have never experienced it first hand either. It is action packed, physically demanding, and rarely results in a dead bear.

From: JB
I was going to say it looked more dangerous than a deer drive with the last shot going off. I watched again and realized it was the guy that jumped up by the bear with a pistol. Still very intense!

From: SteveB
I did this with Doug at Skinner Creek Outfitters in BC, a Bowsite Sponsor and it is every bit as thrilling as it looks!

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