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Digital hearing
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Katahdin 31-Jan-20
Ambush 31-Jan-20
GF 02-Feb-20
Inshart 03-Feb-20
From: Katahdin
I have used a walker game ear for years. Just wondering if there is an app for an iphone that would do the same thing with wireless ear pieces. Thanks in advance

From: Ambush
I have hearing aids controlled by Iphone.

From: GF
The limiting factor would be the mic in the phone.

Most of us over 50 need hearing aids anyway. And a lot of younger people, judging from how much sound escapes around a set of earbuds.

From: Inshart
I've been wearing hearing aids for about 25 years. I still have a VERY difficult time hearing certain sounds (decibel levels). I can hear a bull chuckle, but not bugle. If the cow is within about 40 yards I can hear her cow call - not much further away tho.

One other issue is directional hearing. This year I was set up on a game trail, I could hear elk running. The area was extremely thick with a few shooting lanes. They were getting, closer and closer, but I couldn't figure out which way they were coming from. My head was on a swivel trying to look everywhere. All the sudden they busted out of the thick stuff from above me and came to a sliding stop. The calf was about 5 yards and the cow was just on the other side of her, nothing between us. I was pinned.

I know that if I could have figured out which way they were coming from, I would have been eating elk tenderloin over the open fire that evening.

The hearing aids help but as far as directional - not so much.

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