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Does anyone know of a bow that easy to draw, shoulder went out last fall, don't want to used crossbows, recurve, longbow, any suggestions thanks

From: Buffalo1
Elite Synergy or Ritual

From: Trial153
A low poundage Evolve cam will be tough to beat

From: Oldreb
Bowtech BTX-31. I have one that has a 60lb. draw weight and it has 3 draw cycle settings. Performance, classic, and comfort. Comfort is the easiest to draw setting followed by classic and then performance being the hardest draw setting. With a 60lb bow the performance setting isn't really that hard. I like the classic setting and you can easily change the setting with an allen wrench. No bow press needed.

I shoot a Hoyt Carbon Spyder at 45lbs. 75 percent let off

From: Scooby-doo
Get your shoulder fixed!! I had a totral replacement in April and was shooting 60#s by Mid July. Shawn

Buff +1

From: Cnichols73
I'd look into diamond archery and mission. They have bows with a wide draw weight and draw length range and high let off. Can get used fairly cheap but new is not expensive. You'd be able to set it as low as you need and build up in weight from there.

From: Timex
A lever bow

From: trakman
Elite Kure

From: elkmtngear
Elite Pure allowed me to maintain my 65 lb draw weight, with shoulder tears.

From: SteveD
Agree with whats been mentioned, Elite Synergy.

From: Mailman
A guy at a pro shop was discussing draw weights on different bows with me and how they feel. He said that 60lbs is 60 lbs. A different bow will feel different but when you get it home and shoot it for a while, it will still take 60 lbs to draw it back.

From: JTreeman
Obviously, and 120mph is the same speed in a 7 series BMW and a 2010 F-150, but I can tell you they don’t feel the same!


From: Timex
A. 40 # trad bow & I'm currently shooting 3. A Hoyt riser converted to ilf with Morrison Max 1 limbs makes a 62" bow roughly 38# 2nd is a timberhawk strike xt 60" 43 @ 28 I draw 26 so roughly 38# & third a Ryan benoit forward handle longbow 64" 42@28 so again roughly 38# all 3 of these bows are great bows & smoth to my 26" draw however they drive my shoulder crazy with pain. Iv recently bought a discount priced Oneida Phoenix display model I'm shooting it at roughly 57-58# with no shoulder issues. Can't speak for anyone but myself but the difference between the weight building at full draw & letting off at mid draw if huge. I know lever bows are not for everyone but I like the smoth draw with no wheel or cam rollover. I will agree that #s are #s but where the let off happens in the draw cycle makes a huge difference to me

From: Scrappy
Switch to left hand bow if your right handed.

From: Timex
The only thing I can do well left handed is pick boogers from my nose

From: 12yards
I'm shooting an Elite Synergy and Elite Impulse 34 at 50 pounds. I have another 60 pound Synergy I shoot when my shoulder is feeling better. The 50# Synergy is butter smooth. Also agree with the Evolve cam system or the Bowtechs on comfort setting. But overall, get a 50# bow. They are plenty lethal and you can go below 50 if needed.

From: SaltyB
Go old school round cams. Something like a Switchback XT. Then drop down to 40lbs.

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