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Fletching advice for turkey arrow build
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Jasper 03-Feb-20
smarba 03-Feb-20
Jasper 03-Feb-20
olebuck 03-Feb-20
t-roy 03-Feb-20
Rock 04-Feb-20
From: Jasper
So I’m trying out decapitating heads for turkey for the first time this spring and will be building up some arrows. I have some full length Carbon Express 450 PileDrivers (300 spine/.318 diameter). What fletching would stabilize this head the best? 6 fletch, 5” 3 fletch helical, 4” 4 fletch? I’ll be bare shaft tuning first and don’t mind experimenting with different fletch combinations, just curious what has worked best for those who have shot these big heads? Thanks!

From: smarba
I have gone to 6-fletch Blazer or whatever you choose. With 6 there is no need for overly long fletches. I've even done (3) Blazer and (3) 4" simply because I bought some arrows already fletched with 4 and added Blazers in the spaces.

That said, I'm shooting "old school" normal-diameter carbons, not the current skinny options. There may not be enough shaft to fletch 6 on the skinny ones, I don't know.

From: Jasper
Thanks Carl. I’ll have to see how many will fit on that .318 diameter shaft. I wonder if they make a 6 fletch shrink fletch? I also noticed that the Victory arrows Magnus sells with the Bullheads come with 4 4” feathers

From: olebuck
i have good look with 4 - 5" feathers with as much helical as i can get.

Honestly the best arrows for the money are the magnus arrows that are already set up and ready to go! they fly light darts.

From: t-roy
Agree with olebuck.^^ The Victory 4 fletch arrows seem to fly great with the Bullheads for me as well.

From: Rock
I shoot the same arrow and fletching as my big game arrows 5" 3 fletch helical

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