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My kids have been the recipients of a number of gifts from Bowsiters over the years. I am very grateful for every bit of kindness.

I would like to continue to repay some of that.

I have a number of Bowhunting books that I'd like to send to some newer hunters who would enjoy them. I'm not asking anything for shipping. I only ask that you consider paying it forward down the line as well.

Please shoot me a mailing address in a PM. I'll send out four or five randomly chosen books to each of the first three responses. No strings attached.

Short Bloodtrails.

From: Jasper
Rick, what an awesome thing to do! Blessing others with acts of kindness is special, perhaps more for the giver than the recipient. Well done!

Thanks Jasper. It’s nothing big. I just hope it brightens a few people’s day and gives the books another life.

From: INbowdude
Thanks Rick! Great gesture.

I think I have homes for all of the books.

Thanks guys!

Short bloodtrails!!

All books boxed and shipped USPS.

From: INbowdude
Thanks Rick, I received my books today. Will definitely pay it forward with these. I'm going to talk to our school librarian to set aside hunting/fishing books in a separate section. Much appreciated. Mike

From: Old School
Thanks Rick. Received ours yesterday.

From: wooddamon1
Yep, got mine today, too, Rick! Thanks a bunch and I'll be passing them along as I finish them. Halfway through the first one already ;)

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