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From: Scooby-doo
Ok had a thread going on "warmest yet lite weight hunting jacket" and I came acrossed Nomad. They have a Elevated whitetail series and I am curious if anyone has tried it. Gets great reviews but not a ton of videos or anything on the You Tube. 1/2 the cost of First Lite and Sitka where I found it on sale. My issue I cannot get my hands on it! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Shawn

From: Scooby-doo
No One?? Shawn

From: JTreeman
I don’t own any, but I have seen several pieces. Seems of reasonable quality and I generally like the look/cut of it. But I don’t own any, so take my $.02 for what’s it worth, about a penny.


From: PushCoArcher
Have one of there long sleeve hooded shirts it's very warm and good quality. Wouldn't hesitate to buy there other stuff based off the one piece I have.

From: Scar Finga
I have probably 8 pieces, and I really like it! Good quality with a good price point.

My hunting buddy bought a set of Nomad outer wear this past season. I think it was the scrape series. After hunting with him and seeing how well they performed for him in the teens and 20's, I'd have zero problem buying a set if I needed one. I think you'd be pleased. They were very warm for him and extremely quiet.

I have a set of the mid season stuff Camofire always has on sale. I think it is really nice for the Camofire cost. Wore them a bunch in CO elk hunting and also in OH deer hunting last year. No major complaints at all really...... noisier than fleece or wool, but not enough to cause issue from my use.

From: bentshaft
I have the harvester jacket and a 1/4 zip. Both are very quiet and the jacket is warm and light. You'll like it.

From: Shawn
Thanks, that's what I was looking for. I can buy their Elevated Whitetail jacket and bibs for 360 for the set. First lite is twice that and Sitka even more. I just wish I could see it or try it before I buy it. Anyone else? Thanks!! Shawn

From: Bonafide
If you want lightweight and warm check out Pneuma.

How is the fit on the nomad line. I usually wear large, but my large jacket seems to have shrunk over the years. I’m looking for a 20 degree jacket to wear over a base layer

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