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Micro diameter arrow outserts?
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Iowabowhunter 04-Feb-20
JTreeman 04-Feb-20
Ermine 04-Feb-20
Charlie Rehor 05-Feb-20
Matt 05-Feb-20
Tradmike 05-Feb-20
Iowabowhunter 06-Feb-20
kota-man 06-Feb-20
Iowabowhunter 06-Feb-20
LawDog12 06-Feb-20
Kurt 06-Feb-20
I'm going to try the Carbon Injexions (could consider Black Eagles Deep Impact as well)

Wondering if anyone has extensively used and likes the Easton titanium outserts, Ethics outserts or the B.E. FOCOS system?

From: JTreeman
I have been pleased with Ethics products in the past, but have not used those outserts specifically.


From: Ermine
I’ve been using ethics and they have been great. Held up fine and seem to be tough

I’ve used the Ethics archery outset’s on .166 shafts with good results.

Victory archery has custom outsert (in two weights) made for their .166 arrows and they are tight tolerances.

From: Matt
The Easton Ti half outs are pretty tough albeit heavy (55 grs I believe.

From: Tradmike
I use firenock outserts. Work great for me.

I liked the firenock in the past, just was hoping for a little bit more weight I guess. Could just throw a deep six hit in behind on the Carbon Injexions and call it good.

From: kota-man
If you want more weight, the Easton Half out Ti is a great option.

Looks like I'd be about 480 grains with the carbon injexion plus their half out. Not bad, I do like to be at 500 but I'm shooting low 60's so maybe the extra little speed would be nice too I guess

From: LawDog12
I just bought deep impacts with black eagles front of center outsert system with the stainless steel outsert. Gives me an extra 100 grains up front. Or the aluminum one is 80 grains. Haven't had a problem with them yet.

From: Kurt
I use the Firenock outsert (34 grains) put on with Bohning Hotmelt with the D-6 Easton SS insert (22 gr) glued in at the stock location adn 100 gr broadheads. They work well with my Easton Carbon Injexion 330s.

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