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Jasper 05-Feb-20
JTreeman 05-Feb-20
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LKH 08-Feb-20
From: Jasper
A Kodiak deer hunt is #2 on my list so not sure exactly when it will be. I hope to get a successful caribou drop hunt in the rear view mirror first. Do many hunters go guided on Kodiak? Most everything I see/read is bow hunters doing DIY. I hope to hook up with some other guys and do a tent or cabin DIY hunt but in case it doesn’t pan out I’m curious about a guided possibility and recommendations. I take it you could book a boat hunt solo as well and go with other hunters? (Unfortunately I don’t see myself going with any of my hunting buddies...they either don’t dream big enough to consider an out of state adventure or could never afford it). Thanks!

From: JTreeman
Yeah, getting s group of local friends can be hard on these type hunts. Even most of the “outfitted” hunts I’m aware of on Kodiak for deer are just that, outfitted, not guided. There are plenty of DIY options as well of course. It is Alaska and weather can certainly be a factor and possibly bears if thats a concern for you, but over all the Blacktail hunts are pretty easy. If you get your logistics (transporter) figured out the rest is pretty straight forward. It can be an awesome adventure and a great introduction to adventure type hunts. If you are interested in a boat hunt look to contact Zackman on here, but plan to be about 2 years out for his hunts. Good luck with the planning, can be half the fun!


From: g5smoke21
Kodiak is an awesome place. My dad and I hunted it in 2018 with Jake Jefferson. He is a great guy and guide and all around good person to hunt with. Unfortunantly Jake isn't guiding on Kodiak currently. If he ever guides for blacktail again on Kodiak I would Jump all over it. It's. Place everyone should experience

From: LKH
For the most part, a guide could just get in the way. Unless you could get him to stay behind you. Challenge is enough equipment to do a camp, especially late in the season (Oct-Nov). For that there are people who rent complete camps.

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