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Traveler 05-Feb-20
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From: Traveler
I have 13 points and looking to hunt in WY this year and wondered if anyone else is ready to cash in their points. None of my buddies have enough points to draw the unit I am wanting to hunt so I am looking for a buddy to share camp with and potentially help glass and signal for each other.

Good luck to all those playing the draw game this year

From: Pyrannah

From: Archbull
What unit did you apply for?

From: LKH
If you'll check you can see he hit the deer icon, not elk.

From: Mule Power
You’re about 6 days too late unless you’ve submitted an app that you want to amend.

From: Treeline
Still a while before the deer applications are due.

From: JTreeman
He is asking about mike deer hunting fellas.


From: Brotsky
He has until June 18 to make his decision. Good luck finding a hunting buddy, sure wish I had those points!

I’m max on deer like a lot of others. Still not sure on what to do.

From: 'Ike'
I'm one under max myself, waiting to see how winter finishes up and other draws go now...Plus you don't have to float your money out there until later, which is nice! ;-)

From: Traveler
I am monitoring the winter as well and a little nervous. Anxious to turn these points into a good hunt.

Thanks to those that PM'd me so far. Lets keep in touch Good luck to everyone this year Dan

Max for deer here. Hmmmm

From: midwest
Max for deer as well.


BULELK1's embedded Photo
BULELK1's embedded Photo
After the quality of Muley bucks I saw in mid-November (I had a Type 3 Whitetail Buck tag) in 128 late hunt, It would be tough not to go for it as a fella can still hunt the September bow dates with an LQ tag if memory serves me correctly and if no harvest back in November rut.

I burnt my Max points in '17 on a Region G tag and here he is on my TR Wall so it's a tough call...…..

Anything I can do to help Dan, let me know or anyone else.

Good luck, Robb

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