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Burris Oracle bowsight?
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From: Jaeger63
Anyone using or tried this range finding bow sight? If so, Id like to hear the good, bad, and the ugly. Thanks

From: GF
There was a guy at the club using one a while back.

Good: No pins, no hold-over, no guesswork.

Bad: It takes a little time, and if the shooting lane isn’t all clear, you could get a wrong rangefinder reading.

Ugly: Tech like that makes everybody feel like a Genius. It’s just like shooting a rifle. Except most people are not actually competent marksmen shooting a scoped rimfire at 50 yards off-hand. And of course there’s the hang-time. So OK, it’s not EXACTLY like shooting a rifle, but you’ve got to split the hairs a couple different ways before you can argue that it’s any different from a crossbow... with an onboard rangefinder...

Is it a game changer, compared to what we had to work with 30 years ago? Of course it is. So is a good rangefinder, actually.

Question is, What game do we want Archery season to be about?

Time was, they called it The Hard Way. Now it’s arguably the easiest way of all, outside of a high fence.

From: Jaeger63
Thanks for your post GF. I agree an onboard rangefinder does make the game a little easier. I, like most, started bowhunting because it's more challenging and gratifying that gun hunting. Another big reason I started bowhunting many years ago was the fact there were way less hunters in the field during archery season compared to gun season. I can tell you for a fact that is no longer the case here in Colorado in otc units. In fact there are now more bowhunters in the field during archery season than there are rifle hunters during the first rifle season. I guess the point Im trying to make is one of the reasons I started bowhunting many years ago is now null and void here in Colorado. So I would still rather bow hunt elk with more hunters in the field than gun hunt them with less hunters in the field. So a devise on my bow that will help me be more accurate and help ensure a clean kill is still in my mind better and more challenging than hunting with a rifle. Off soap box

From: GF
Listen to yourself. You want every advantage that modern technology can offer to help you kill an Elk and you still want to believe that it’s “more challenging” and somehow “superior” to hunting (outside of Rut) with a rifle. Never mind that the average shot distance on an Elk was 75 yards 45 years ago. During Rifle.

Now, correct me if I’m mistaken, but I believe electronic devices mounted on your bow are still illegal in Colorado.

Honestly, in places where there’s a whitetail problem, I don’t give a rip. The objective is to kill as many as possible, and whatever makes that happen more efficiently is (while not very sporting) probably a good thing. Although I still have some very serious misgivings about bait piles and CWD.

But CO Elk???

The whole idea was to impose a gut check. You either think you’re good enough to get it done with a bow (or you’re desperate enough to escape the pressure that you don’t care) or you take your chances in rifle with all the other knuckleheads.

I made a conscious decision 30 years ago that I would rather take my chances with a roundball muzzleloader or a stickbow than put up with the insanity that reigns during the rifle seasons. The trade-off was efficiency for solitude and a low-pressure environment. It’s all gone now. Everybody here bitches about how crowded it’s gotten, and they also say that they would never consider hunting rifle season because by then the rut is over. So really, compounds and rangefinders have made archery season everybody’s best bet for filling a tag.

And JMO, that’s Crap. The season that used to be the greatest possible challenge is now the easy way out, and instead of a few people hunting in ways where they would very rarely cross paths, we are now looking at a lottery-only proposition across much of the state because Archery has gotten too easy to pass up.

Everybody feels entitled to complain about how crowded things have gotten, but nobody’s willing to look in the mirror and recognize themselves as The Problem, because they’re all so Entitled. Enact a ban on rangefinders and the whole overcrowding issue during archery season will go away overnight. Guaranteed.

And that’s such a “controversial” position that I can pretty well guarantee that this post is going to be deleted. Which is a Royal Car-load of BS.

From: Busta'Ribs
What is it about the Burris that you like over the more popular Garmin?

From: Jaeger63
Due to the fact there is no glass in the Burris. I certainly have not made a decision to buy one or any other range finding sight. Just simply inquiring and researching.

From: Scooby-doo
Burris warranty is also awesome, I know a few guys that have been shooting one for a year now. They like them but I tried one and its not for me. I like simple but easy is not for me. Shawn

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