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Outfitter cancels 2020 hunt
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Tao 09-Feb-20
Korey Wolfe 09-Feb-20
Brotsky 09-Feb-20
MichaelArnette 09-Feb-20
SBH 09-Feb-20
skull 09-Feb-20
spike buck 09-Feb-20
Rob Nye 10-Feb-20
Pop-r 10-Feb-20
Tao 10-Feb-20
Tyler 10-Feb-20
Tao 11-Feb-20
Mule Power 11-Feb-20
Tao 11-Feb-20
rodb 11-Feb-20
Powder 14-Feb-20
From: Tao
The outfitter that I have been guiding for had his bull tags cut again and has cancelled his flyin moose hunts for 2020... going to be doing road hunts out of base instead.....leaving me unemployed as a guide for 3 weeks.....anyone need a guide in Northwestern Ontario?

From: Korey Wolfe
Do you have tags or are you looking for an outfitter only?

From: Brotsky
I think he’s looking for a job.

Man good luck on the job hunt! Thanks for posting here

From: SBH
That’s too bad. I hope you find something that will fill the gap for you. May I ask why they are cutting tags? I assume low numbers.

From: skull
Welcome to the worse managed province in Canada, is only going to get worse Good luck

From: spike buck
The closing of the Spring bear hunt in 1998, combined with the limiting of the wolf hunt in 2005, the moose drastically declined. Here in WMU #8, 5 and 7b, the deer exploded in population in the 2000's and 2010's. The brain worm finished the moose off. Also winter ticks are draining the energy out of the surviving moose in early spring. A lot of times, when you see where a moose beds in the snow, its covered in blood from the ticks. Warmer winters!!! ALL outfitters lost most of their moose tags.

New regulations on the wolf and continuing the spring bear hunt and liberal Doe tags will help the moose population rise the next few years. It will get better on the moose front. But will take a few years. The Ford Government is pro hunting!!!

From: Rob Nye
Some BC outfitters have a tough time finding enough moose guides you might want to look for work there.

From: Pop-r
How could one read that and get that he's looking for tags or an outfitter?! SMH!

From: Tao
I have a choice of either taking this year off from guiding.....or find another outfitter to guide for.....I would rather guide for 3 weeks....personal I have gone 8 years without drawing a bull I'm looking for an outfitter

From: Tyler
Are you only interested in guiding in Ontario? and are you only looking for 3 weeks guiding?

From: Tao
In Ontario the archery season for moose is only 3 weeks long......I didn't consider going more than a 8 hour drive from Thunder Bay

From: Mule Power
What happened to 1000 Lakes Outfitters?

From: Tao
Same as every other outfitter...they had a lot of their bull tags cut by the provincial government...

From: rodb
I agree that canceling the spring bear hunts and not getting aggressive with wolves hurt the moose in Ontario. This might piss off a few Ontario moose hunters but you can't keep shooting cows and calves and expect a healthy moose population especially when the population starts to dip.

Tao, good luck! Heading to NW Ontario this fall myself and still go over your notes once in a while.

From: Powder
Yeah, it's absolutely crazy to allow ANY calf's to be harvested. The MNR could still allow party hunting on one cow or bull tag. Just have everyone registered to that tag.

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