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wisconsinteacher 10-Feb-20
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BK 10-Feb-20
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Brotsky 10-Feb-20
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TD 10-Feb-20
Does Kuiu ever run sales or offer free shipping? I would like to buy a jacket and am willing to wait if there is a time of year that offers the best deals.

About every other day. Sign up for their emails.

From: BK
They have an outlet page on their site with items marked down but they are usually in limited sizes. Like stated above , sign up for their emails, and you can join their Inner Circle program but you still have to make a few purchases first before it starts to pay off on other purchase orders. Check their show schedule and see where they are going to be set up at. (I.E. P&Y banquet, outdoor shows) if close to you they usually have a great display at show prices. Otherwise just go for it, they make good stuff, you won't have buyers remorse

From: t-roy
Altitude sick X2^^

In fact, I got one this morning for my birthday, for 20% any one item. It’s generally tuff to find much in the more common sizes in stock, but once in awhile you can find something.

From: Brotsky
+1 t-roy, I'm buying a Yukon rain jacket for my birthday this year :-)

From: KSflatlander
If you have never ordered from them you can get free shipping on your first order.

From: APauls
Plus I think it is always free shipping over like $250 or something. So basically always free shipping lol

From: Shaft2Long
They also run a decent sale around Thanksgiving.

From: stagetek
What APauls said !

From: TD
"excluding AK and HI....."

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