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New Stay-On Case for Swaro ATS/ATM 65
Contributors to this thread:
geoffp 10-Feb-20
Kurt 10-Feb-20
AT Halley 10-Feb-20
Busta'Ribs 10-Feb-20
Ermine 10-Feb-20
JTreeman 10-Feb-20
From: geoffp

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Anyone needing a Stay-On Case for the Swarovski ATS/ATM 65, here is a lower cost option to the Swarovski model ($79 vs. $289), from Outdoor Vision. If needing the STS/STM it will be another 4-6 weeks. Then onto the ATX/STX models.

From: Kurt
Geoff, Looks like a very nice case for a very fair price! Good job!

From: AT Halley
I lost an end cap for my STS...I will be looking for that to come out! Thanks!

From: Busta'Ribs
Waiting on the ATX!

From: Ermine
I got a neoprene case but this one looks nice too

From: JTreeman
I spent the big bucks on a Swaro one, but if yours would have been available I certainly would have gone with it!


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