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Wyoming Deer one less than max
Mule Deer
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MQQSE 10-Feb-20
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Jims 10-Feb-20
Bowboy 10-Feb-20
LKH 11-Feb-20
wytex 11-Feb-20
My 80 year old Father in Law is one year behind the max point total. He isn’t getting any younger and I want to ask everyone for help in finding this old veteran an enjoyable hunt where he can see a lot of deer and harvest a mature buck. Hoping we can find a cabin or town based hunt for him. Archery or rifle. It’s all about the two of us experiencing his hunt while he can still go. Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Guided or not. We are open to all options.

From: drycreek
No help here, but good luck in your quest Sir, and good on you for what you’re trying to do.

From: Jims
For a more relaxing and a higher quality experience for your dad a guided hunt from a comfy lodge would be sweet,, There's nothing like hunting low pressured private land with few hunters. You might check out Savery Creek Outfitters website. There really aren't a whole lot of options on public land.....possibly 128 late but it is a rifle hunt.

From: Bowboy

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Call Josh from Shoshone Lodge Outfitters. He has a really good hunt for deer that isn't really to physically demanding. It's out of a lodge type hunt.

From: LKH
Stay away from the heavy snow/bad cold areas occurring this year. Unfortunately they have some of the best deer and great hunts for older people since so much is private.

From: wytex
Look in the Saratoga area. Spur and Wycon do private land hunts with big mulies. Some great bucks down along the river and creeks . I'm betting the other outfitters on private ground have just as good bucks. We're going in on that resident tag this year with our private access. You may find a cow elk hunt too on the same ranches.

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