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Hunting Archery Unit 62
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From: Master
I’ll would like to hunt Unit 62 this coming season the week after Muzzleloader. Never been to Unit but will be going this spring, looking for a better lace to start any help would be appreciated

From: Firsty
My favorite place in that whole unit is just down hill from the divide road.

PM sent. I don’t hunt it anymore. Your welcome to my hard found locations. As most will tell you go to the bottom of the most well known canyons.

But that’s where most people go

Try East of the NF out in the barren desert looking BLM. Put a couple steep and deep canyons behind you traveling north or south out on the BLM and the pressured elk are in small pockets of cover and water. It’s like the moon and does not look like elk country.

But no one told the elk that.

From: Master
Thanks again

go south on divide rd. from north end. go past camp ground on right 2mi. or so. try canyons on left

From: Tennhunter
You can also buy leftover cow tags in 66 and it’s very doable, think it’s already been mentioned elk get pushed very hard up around the elk looking country but I’ve seen multiple bulls down while hunting antelope in places you don’t think of being elk country.

From: danny.a
I was there early sept. last season before ML along with 10,000 others,lot of pressure

From: tradi-doerr
1000+ bowhunters every year, look at the stats and it will tell you numbers and odds. One of the harder units to hunt for elk & deer.

From: In2dmtns
Get ready to make some friends cause you will not be alone for sure. Its a zoo.

From: 76aggie
Things have really changed in Unit 62. I first started going there in the early 80's. Rarely did I ever encounter anyone else in the woods. There would always be a few campsites along Divide Road and even back then there were yayhoos sitting in lawn chairs in the back of a pickup road hunting. The crowds the last time I went were astonishing. It became a very difficult place to hunt. One good point about the area is the explosion of the bear population. In the old days, we rarely saw bear and my last trip at least one of the buys in my group saw bear every day.

From: cnelk
GMUs 62 & 65 are gonna get HAMMERED with OTC bowhunters this year with the SW units going draw

From: Glunt@work
Cnelk +1

When the Flattops went draw, the unit I had been hunting was the closest OTC and it became way busier.

From: Aspen Ghost
I heard CPW is going to use some of that extra "qualifying license" money to install "take a number" machines along the divide road. That should help.

From: Trophyhill
You won't escape pressure in 62. Find the pressured elk in unpressured pockets and you could get lucky. I met some hunters while working in Grand Junction who kill elk every year in there. I scouted it and thought about hunting it but way too many people for my liking. Everything is pretty easy to get to......

From: fishnride
I was out there at the beginning of the season last year on a bear/elk hunt. I did get into elk a few times and had a few bugling but literally every time an ATV messed it up. There’s always that chance that you might get a real big guy coming in from 61 though and success rates are pretty high. Just be ready for people “rifle hunting” on ATV’s with a bow, endlessly driving until they see something.

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