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From: bghunter
So there are not many archery shops near me and cabelas has gone what down hill. Anyone use any bowsite sponsors or other places you buy your archery gear from, such as arrows broadheads, clothes etc.

From: JTreeman
Lancaster always seems like a popular place. Not the lowest prices generally, but large selection, good service, and a strictly archery company.


From: Swampbuck

From: jingalls
Lancaster. And they will answer the phone and talk to you if you have any questions!

From: bghunter
Thanks. That's exactly what I was looking for. Already went and bookmarked their page

From: x-man
LAS is a great company. When I had my shop open, they were my main wholesale supplier. They provided me with several copies of their "wish book" catalog so I could keep that catalog on my counter. My customers could order anything out of that catalog and have it delivered to my shop where I installed items for free if the money went through me. It was great arrangement. I ordered every Monday, delivery every Thursday. The best part was, they always had a live knowledgeable person to answer customers questions over the phone if I didn't know(or if they didn't believe me).

Because of that great relationship, I always recommend them to everyone who asks. If fact... their silly "on hold" jingle is going through my head right now.

From: sara08

sara08's Link
I know jonsguide reviews on them, maybe there will some links or try request 'bow' in search

From: jdee
21-Feb-20 is a good place for gear and hunting clothing.

From: elvspec
I've purchased a few things from S&S Archery. They've always been responsive, helpful and fairly knowledgeable. They helped me out with a custom sight from Spot Hogg. Might check them out.

From: Supernaut
Lancaster or 3 Rivers are my go to's for my traditional archery supplies if I can't find what I'm looking for locally.

From: Bob H in NH
Lancasters! On line if you know what you want, call them if you're not sure, they know thier stuff. bought my current bow from them at the Harrisburg show. They didn't have the right version at the show, but made a call and had it delivered the next morning. Then set it up, fixed draw length and rough tune, all good to go!

From: White Falcon
"Lancaster or 3 Rivers" !

From: BigOzzie
I tend to use the footed shaft, if they don't have what I want I go elsewhere


From: Trophyhill
I buy arrows from South Shore Archery on occasion. The spine is always marked which helps when re fletching. And Jerry is a good guy. Highly recommend.

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