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More California Lion Stupidity
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From: DL

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Just when I think things can’t get any more stupid here up pops another politician.

From: Recurvericky

I say do it... let California prove to all other states that sound wildlife management works. Let California be the testing grounds for everything gone wrong... Ed F

From: Scoot
Lol Ed! Spot on. Pretty kitties wouldn't hurry a fly.

From: Matt
There is an argument that the lack of genetic diversity in the area warrants some sort of action, but jeez guys - that is stupid.

This is a good thing. Prevention of killing problem cats in Los Angeles and Ventura counties is some of the best news I've heard come out of California in a while.

From: elkstabber
I have to admit that I don't know squat about LA, but this seems like a terrible idea. Part of me, okay most of me, hopes that the lawmakers pass their stupid law. Then when somebody gets killed the law will swing back to becoming reasonable again. But, the person who dies, probably won't be the lawmakers. And that will be tragic.

From: bigswivle
Is it to late to ad to the wall?

There is a reason why the tectonic plates exist there.

From: Fuzzy
"exposure to rat poison" sounds promising....

Here's the thing: They banned hunting lions which accomplishes nothing other than shifting the killing of cats from hunters to DFG and ranchers. The cats are still dying because you have to do something with excess cats when you have limited habitat.

This change will make the residents of CA actually FEEL the effects of ballot-box legislation. Right now, there is still a quasi-management plan. With this change, there will be no plan.

Cats are territorial. When a young cat has to strike out on their own, if all available territory is taken in the immediate vicinity, they have to keep moving till they find an area, which forces them into human-populated areas. Additionally, all animals have their personalities and some are going to be pet eaters, livestock eaters, and the occasional people eater.

When these cats get established as suburban pet/livestock/people eaters, they are currently shot. With the change, they will be able to continue doing what they do.

It's not going to be a linear problem, but rather an exponential problem because right now, if a female cat is a pet/livestock/people eater, it's not given the chance to reproduce and teach its female kittens (who will then, in turn, reproduce and teach their kittens) to be pet/livestock/people eaters. And she'll teach her male kittens to be pet/livestock/people eaters who will then grow into very large toms capable of things we've not seen before because in a hunter-managed environment, large toms aren't the ones on the edge of suburbia picking off pets and eye-balling your kids.

From: StickFlicker
"mountain lions “the symbol of L.A.'s wildlife”....

Should the center of a major city have wildlife, let alone an apex predator? Things that make you go hmmm. Speaking of predators, if the alien "Predator", from the movies, came to Kalifornia and began hunting people, they would probably want to protect it as a threatened species...

Ha....true dat, Marvin!

The symbol should be a "rat". Filthy city...rats all over

Yeah I say do it. With 423 lions killed they may as well have a limited season and are instead controlling numbers with depredation permits 423 is a lot of lions killed

From: GF
“ The city leaders also want to establish a fund to reimburse anyone whose pets or livestock are killed by the animals.”

I wonder what’s the cash reimbursement value of your firstborn child? And are they worth more than the last?

From: PECO
For the cats, it is now open season on yoga pants wearing soccer moms, her kids, and Fluffy the family pet.

From: Z Barebow
LA has long been known for it’s cougars. Cher, Madonna, Demi Moore,etc.

Good point GF

From: DL
My pets are worth millions.

423 is a start. A Zero at the end would be better.

From: Paul@thefort
Sanctuary cities in California have now changed their focus to add another species.

From: Surfbow
"Mountain lions are not listed as threatened or endangered in California" Yeah, so a couple knucklehead CITY COUNCILMEN are seeking to change that, what fools.

423 is not alot of cats when you consider they double in numbers every year. They have no predators. The deer population is in a major decline, which no Politicians gives a crap about, less deer means they are hurting hunters, thats a good thing in this liberal s^&* hole. If only the weather wasnt so nice i could convince my wife to leave.. urggggg

From: Busta'Ribs

Busta'Ribs's Link
Here’s what happens when a coyote gets into a celebrity’s backyard (ok, I realize Calling Michael Rappaport a celebrity may be a reach these days). Imagine what will happen when the Lion’s show up! (Language Warning!)

From: GF
Damn. Does that guy really only know two words??

FWIW, I have a lot more appreciation for coyotes than for feral cats. And let’s face it - ALL cats go feral the minute they step outside...

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