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Stove pipe through side of tent????
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Inshart 14-Feb-20
WV Mountaineer 15-Feb-20
cnelk 15-Feb-20
TrapperKayak 15-Feb-20
PO Cedar 15-Feb-20
LKH 15-Feb-20
Old School 15-Feb-20
Inshart 15-Feb-20
Dale Hajas 16-Feb-20
Mule Power 16-Feb-20
craig 16-Feb-20
From: Inshart
Looking at some of Robb's pics from the show I see a tent with the stove pipe exiting the side of the tent. Has me wondering if I could do that with my Kodiak - anyone done that? how did it work?

If you can see, you could do it. But, I put it through the roof before I run it out the side. Hard to brace them against the wind like that.

Just be sure to use enough pipe to draft well.

From: cnelk
I have a wall tent that I ran a stove pipe out the end wall. It works, but I also have another wall tent the stove pipe goes thru the roof. It works [drafts] much better.

From: TrapperKayak
Out the roof is more,stable,than having two,bends for out the,side.

From: PO Cedar
I went out the end wall...had Panther Primitives make an oval stove Jack with a canvas cover that rolls up when the stove isn't used..I like having a tarp awning above the tent so the stove pipe out the end flap facilitates that..

From: LKH
Had a Canvas Cabin with the pole out the side. Worked quite well but I never put a second bend after it left the tent. Drafted better that way.

From: Old School
I’ve got a 10x14 Kodiak Canvas and I was working on that very thing before I bought my Alaknak. I had come to the conclusion that out through the roof was a better option. There are some very old threads on here that showed pics, etc...


From: Inshart
Thanks everyone, I was concerned about the drafting issues. I hadn't thought about the bracing issue. I guess I'll put it out the top.

From: Dale Hajas

Dale Hajas's embedded Photo
Dale Hajas's embedded Photo
My Snowtrekker Alpine. Didnt know if this is what you meant. Theres some ideas on how they run it on the different styles of their tents on the site. The leaning supposedly increases draft. Many ideas on the Traditional Winter Camping Facebook page. Lots of folks are putting stoves into the insulated fishing huts. You probably could find a kit on there.

From: Mule Power
I had a sheepherder style tent with a stove jack on the sidewall. Not nearly as stable since the weight is working against you instead of for you when it’s pushing straight down on the stove. On really windy days I was having to work the pipe back into the stove.

Eventually I had my tent guy remove that jack and put one in the roof.

From: craig
Check out YouTube. They show Kodiak tents with stove going out side wall.

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