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Follow up to quiet RF pouch search
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From: SDHNTR(home)
So here’s the results of my search. I’m tired of it and not spending any more money ordering others. Like so many other items, there isn’t a perfect option. I don’t like jury rigging either, so I’m not interested in modifying things. I want the items I pay for to work well, as designed. Here we go:

Kuiu: nice material, quiet, well made, but I have no idea which RF this was designed for. It’s so small. My RF was too snug and the elastic band rested right on the button, triggering the laser. Not gonna work.

Marsupial: well made. Mostly good design. My design complaint stems from the fact that the sides go too far up so you can’t grab the RF right out of the pouch. You have to pull on the tether first and then grip it. More movement than necessary. Very nice lid design. Best strap attachment design. But ultimately too darn loud! I hate cordura when bowhunting. For this reason I won’t even consider any others like Mystery Ranch or FHF that are made of cordura. Deal breaker.

Oregon Pack Works: quietest material! Most inexpensive. But it’s just a satchel with a drawstring on the top. Not much thought to the design. It lacks structure and form.

Outdoor Vision: the closest one to ideal and the one I’m gonna keep, but still not quite perfect. It’s quieter, but still not quiet as it could be. A mostly good design, good side height so you can grab in the proper position right out of the pouch. Kinda odd lid design. I understand why they made it that way but it doesn’t quite provide the protection I’d ideally like.

So what would be perfect?

An Outdoor Vision pouch, in Oregon Pack Works material, with a Marsupial lid and back strap attachment.

Or A Kuiu in different sizes, with sides that didn’t go as far up.

Until then I’ll go on my merry way begrudgingly accepting trade offs. Sigh!

From: GLP
Just curious. Did you ever consider finding a leather worker to make you one to your specs

From: SDHNTR(home)
GLP... No, interesting idea, but sounds expensive.

From: Grey Ghost
One of life's true dilemmas..... ;-)

A shirt or jacket pocket has always worked fine for me.


From: Nick Muche
My rangefinder will forever be tethered to my bino harness and kept in my right hand jacket or vest pocket. Right where I need it to be for quick and quiet access/use.

From: Trial153

Trial153's embedded Photo
Trial153's embedded Photo
Mystery Ranch attached to the bottom of my bino harness

From: otcWill

otcWill's embedded Photo
otcWill's embedded Photo
Attached to bino harness tucked under strap. Never moves, zero noise, and right there. If weather is an issue same place just tucked under open rain jacket. I had the same dilemma and decided a range finder doesn't need a case. Sorta like carrying a bow in a sling. Eventually you'll learn that's a bad idea.

From: SDHNTR(home)
I’ve been there and done that already without a rf pouch. I didn’t like it flopping around and unprotected or having to remember it. Everyone has their own preferences. Hi guess I’m still searching for mine. I went from a separate rf and bino originally, with the rf tethered to the harness and no pouch, to a combo bino/rf unit with Leica Geovids next, to now back to a separate system, but I want a pouch. To each their own.

From: Busta'Ribs
Going on my first hunt with my new Leica HD-B 8x42 Geovids next week and I can’t wait to finally have just one piece of gear on my chest. Spot/Stalk hog hunt in Texas and these glasses should be perfect. Brightest bino’s I’ve ever looked through.

Loved the idea when the RF Leica’s first hit the market but could not justify the expense and it just made no sense that the rangefinder button was on the left side of the bino’s. So I’ve solved the problem you have, but by going in the opposite direction. We’ll see how it works for me.

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