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Baiting question
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flip 17-Feb-20
Zebrakiller 17-Feb-20
RD 18-Feb-20
flip 22-Feb-20
From: flip
Guys. I bear hunt in NW Minnesota We are hunting bear that know humans well and live in close proximity.Not your Canadian wilderness hunting. We are often times competing with others baits and alot of natural foods source's We have a really good pop of animals and do pretty well but should be better.My question is do most of you just keep your baiting routine the same when the hunters get on the baits or do you just start baiting as the hunter goes in We don't usealot of bait per day 1_2 gal at a time and it's always premo.Whats your thoughts

From: Zebrakiller
routine i never change anything up unless the cameras show a change in bear movement

From: RD
I try to keep the routine the same but have on occasion had to bait and sit right away. When that happens I have someone go in with me and bait while I climb into my stand. The first time I did this I had my bear within 20 minutes, The second time I didn't shoot because of size but it was in in 10 minutes. Also in NW Mn.

From: flip
Just seems many times its more bear feeding than bear hunting!Would like to throw a few curve balls atm this year

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