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Drop Camp Experience (Idaho)
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BTP 21-Feb-20
KHNC 21-Feb-20
TravisScott 21-Feb-20
From: BTP
After digging into the DIY vs Guided thread I kind of started thinking of how to best split the difference. Logistics from the deep south to get a rig all the way out west and back adds about 4=5 days to the hunt. That sucks. Plus as we get older the stress on the body of driving that far make it tough to hot out fresh and ready to hunt.

So I began thinking of splitting the difference. I was thinking about a drop camp in Idaho. I lived in Boise in 98' for a year, at the time I was a fish bum who hated my first job out of college. So I ditched it and packed my truck and moved west. Problem was I met my wife 3 months before I left and for some reason we kept seeing each other. After a year she said if I didn't come home to Carolina she was going to begin entertaining new gentleman callers and I made the decision to come home. Turns out I made the right call, but if I hadn't met her I would probably still be living in Boise. I loved it.

So hunting Idaho would be a dream for me. I have held off as I have, like all of us, heard the devastation the wolf has caused. Bur word is trickling down that the elk have begun to bounce back and that decent hunting can be had.

My question is two fold; Has anyone had good experiences drop camping in Idaho and do you have suggestions on outfits, techniques, etc to ensure a best experience?

Thanks in advance guys.

From: KHNC
I would avoid using Boulder Creek Outfitters if you come across them. Back in 05, i hunted with them using a guide. I killed a nice bull and so did my buddy. However, the drop camp guys were just dumped off randomly it appeared. Word is that was the norm for that outfitter. But, if you can find a reputable operation, a drop camp wouldnt be a bad plan.

From: TravisScott
From what I understand Mile High Outfitters runs an awesome drop camp operation. I’ve never hunted with him but know folks that have been very happy.

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