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Best coat
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Drop Tine 21-Feb-20
jdee 21-Feb-20
Scoot 21-Feb-20
Ucsdryder 21-Feb-20
Trial153 21-Feb-20
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CurveBow 24-Feb-20
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Archbull 24-Feb-20
Ridgefire 24-Feb-20
LINK 02-Mar-20
From: Drop Tine
Well sense we have a best pants thread we might as well have the best coat/Jacket thread. I’m primarily looking for a mid season where it might be 20* in the morning and 60* by noon.

From: jdee
Kuiu Guide Jacket with some light layers under it for me.

From: Scoot
I love my 90% jacket. I pair it with a light merino wool shirt and vest most days when it's cool in the morning.

From: Ucsdryder
If it’s 20 and 60 I’m not wearing a coat. No need to pack a coat around all day. If it’s 20 and I’m hiking I’ll have a long sleeve merino shirt and I’ll still be hot. If I do need a coat I’m alway bringing a down packable coat with a hood. Cramps down to almost nothing, weighs a couple ounces and if I need the warmth it’s way warmer than anything else out there. If weather is a possibility I have a packable rain coat. Those 2 in combination will keep me alive below 0 if needed and take up very little room.

From: Trial153

From: LINK
The Jetstream is the Swiss Army knife of coats for elk hunting. The pit zips ought to be on every hunting jacket. I will wear a medium weight shirt and the Jetstream from 20-60. It’s nice to open pits and dump heat but if you stop walking or get in dense cold cover zip them up. You might add a puffy vest if you do a lot of sitting still. I’ve never been cold for very long with that setup in Colorado September’s. Plythal makes a similar jacket that’s on camofire a lot but I’ve never laid hands on one.

From: Brotsky
Kuiu guide if it is going to be cool and damp, otherwise Kuiu Peloton 240/200 or First Lite Sawtooth.

I do the exact same as uscdryer. With a packable hooded down jacket and a goretex rain shell over a long sleeve merino, all bases are covered. I actually ordered a Sitka hoody last week thinking it would be great for September but after receiving it, I still think it would take up more room in my pack and not be as warm as a down hoody/shell combo.

From: Bou'bound
Kuiu guide and puffy under

From: Bloodtrail
For that temperature range you really don’t need a jacket for elk hunting. A merino 3/4 zip top and a hoodie and you should be good hiking the mountains for elk.

If you want to really get crazy, you could go with a merino top and the Hardscrabble jacket by SKRE. I used that combo one morning last year with those same temps. It worked fine.

From: Tdvorak
I love the pit zips and ball zips. Really great for the guy on the go.

From: Predeter
As others have said, I do layers for those temps. Merino base and grid fleece hooded mid with puffy and rain jacket in the pack.

From: trakman

From: cmbbulldog
What packable hooded down jacket are guys running?

From: Ambush
I’ve been super impressed with the Kuiu down hoody. Wear it in my sleeping bag if it’s colder than the bag. Slip it and the Kuiu down pants on when I get out of my bag. Great for glassing or just sitting. It is by far the warmest for weight jacket I’ve ever worn.

But you can not wear it while hiking with any exertion! You will overheat and sweat and it does not breathe at all.

Kuiu Superdown Pro x 2. Make sure its the Pro. The lighter one is not very warm.

From: Ucsdryder
Cmb, I ordered mine off Sierra trading post. I actually ordered 3-4 and kept the one I liked the best. Make sure it has a good and if it says packable in the description, that’s even better. I think I paid around 70 bucks for mine with the 25% code that’s floating around.

From: WapitiBob
I wore my original 90% for a decade then bought the Jetstream and the discontinued kelvin down hoody last year.

From: Mule Power
Jetstream hands down!!! It’s my all day everyday elk and deer hunting jacket. I love everything about it. The long pit zippers are sweet. Let the heat out on the uphill and zip shut at the top.

Today on Camofire 51% off. If you want a great jacket at a killer price today is your day.

From: CurveBow
Sitka 90% jacket. For colder temps, I add a Sitka Kelvin light. Worked great last year!

From: Fuzzy
my personal choice is the Filson Cruiser wool jacket. Heavy but warm even when wet

From: Bake
I like the 90% jacket and the kelvin active jacket

For glassing I always have my original Sitka kelvin jacket. That jacket has more miles than a Las Vegas hooker

From: Archbull
Kuiu Guide with two light layers

From: Ridgefire
I don't wear a jacket in that weather but always have my puffy and rain jacket in my pack for when I stop to eat. If I did buy a jacket it would probably be the Jetstream. My son has one and it's a pretty sweet jacket.

From: LINK

LINK's Link
Here’s the plythal jacket on camofire that’s similar to the jet stream. Probably worth a try for $89.

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