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Fertilizing Ladino clover plot
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c5ken 22-Feb-20
t-roy 22-Feb-20
rodb 22-Feb-20
Teeton 23-Feb-20
From: c5ken
I need to fertilize my 3ac ladino clover food plot. I'm told 0-20-20 is what I need. I can't find 0-20-20 anywhere. Any suggestions??

From: t-roy
Are you anywhere in or near ag country, Ken? If so, you should be able to go to most any co-op and have them mix up a batch of pretty much anything you want. If not, I would suggest just going with something with the lowest N # in the mix that you can find. IMO, nitrogen in your mix isn’t going to hurt your ladino at all, other than possibly promote the existing grasses in your plot somewhat, plus cost you a bit more.

From: rodb
I've have 9-23-30 but that's as low on nitrogen that I've found. I bought some 0-32-50 in crystal form, just add water. 1 gallon of water to two or three tablespoons, mix well.

What Troy said. I am cheap, so I use a soil test to adjust for P and K and hit these with the least costly triple x product I can buy if I am broadcasting myself. The CO-OP will mix what I need when I get a fertilizer buggy.

I will rotate that clover field into a nitrogen user like brassicas or a cereal grain mix after the clover begins to wane, so if I am heavy on the N I am not concerned.


From: Teeton
How about 2-10-40 with boron. Great for clover. But I would suggest a test first.

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