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Hanwag Boots
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From: bighorn
Anyone use Hanwag boots how are they.

From: WapitiBob
Love Alaska's but don't use them too much.

From: bb
The Alaskan has been awesome

From: JTreeman
I wanted them, didn’t fit my feet, sent them back. Great boots if your feet like them.


From: TD
Well, yeah Jim, but Ive seen your feet......

I'm on the fence between the Alaskan (having never tried them on before) and replacing my old Lowa Caminos. Loved the Caminos, fit like a glove so to speak, but when they died they literally fell apart. Made for a long walk back in the rocks using the laces to hold the sole on somewhat...

the devil you know or greener grass......

From: WI Shedhead
My buddy tried kenstreks- couldn’t get them to work. Bought some Hanwag off campfire- his feet are in love!!!!

From: Lost Arra
I bought some light Hanwag hikers off Sierra Trading Post at a cheap price. I planned on using them for tractoring boots but I liked them so well they became elk hunters instead. I can't remember the model but it was discontinued.

From: dgb
I have a pair of Hanwag uninsulated tetras that I really like. The sole is very stiff which makes them a good choice for steep rocky conditions. That said, I often wear them to my office - they are that comfortable. I also have a pair of insulated boots by Zamberlan which appear to be equally well made and are nearly as comfortable.

From: Busta'Ribs
I’ve had the Mountain Hunter and Mountain Hunter light for years, great boots. Funny that the treads fell off both pair within a month just recently, like the glue had a shelf life or something. Boots didn’t owe me anything, both pair are 10 years old.

From: Genesis

Genesis's Link
Busta,Similar thing happened to Miendels.....this guy did great work resoleing mine

From: SaddleReaper
I just bought a pair of Hanwag Tatra tops recently. Maybe a little different from most here, but my primary use will be for shed hunting on mostly flat to somewhat hilly terrain. I paired them with some Lathrop and sons synergy footbeds and they are super comfortable for my feet. So far I have just over 20 shed hunting miles on them. The stiffness seems to be just fine for flat land use, and I too have worn mine to work with all day comfort.

They may get to see some hiking in CO this coming June so that'll be fun to see the capability in more technical stuff.

From: bigeasygator
Hunted out of pair of Hanwag Alaskas on and off over the last few years, putting them to use mostly on a Colorado 2nd season rifle hunt and this last year for a week on Kodiak in November. Unlike Jim, they fit my feet perfectly and are extremely comfortable, though that is definitely going to be an individual thing. As far as performance goes, they've been great - beyond being comfortable, they've kept me warm and dry in some rather inhospitable conditions (snow, rain, the wet-mess that is all of Kodiak, etc). I've loved them.

From: Pig Doc
I have large feet and bunions so it's really hard to find boots that fit. Hanwag is the only boot manufacturer in the word that has dealt with the bunion issue. Hanwag boots fit like a glove on my odd feet and have been comfortable and durable for me. I own 6 pair. Great boots.

From: Ermine
I’ve used the mtn lites in the past and liked them. Have a pair of the Alaskans and they seem to work well.

From: Ridgefire
I bought them to use for my elk hunting boots and now I use them for everything. Super comfortable, great support and my feet have never been wet in them.

HanWag Alaska's are my go-to elk hunting boots. They're very similar to Lowa Tibets but they fit my feet better. They're considerably stiffer than Lowa Camino's.

From: TD
Thanks Mike, kinda the feedback I was looking for. Gotta love this place...

No problem Tom, I really like my HanWags.

From: smurph
I got the Crispi Dakotas at Christmas this year. Absolutely loved them on my chuckar hunting trip. I wouldn't consider not trying a pair of these if I were looking. I wasn't able to try the Hanwag Alaskan. However, I did try the Lowa Tibet and much preferred the Crisopis.

From: Slam38
If someone is looking for Crispi boots I have a pair of Colorado's that have been worn to a tree stand twice and realized they didn't fit my feet in 45.5 and a pair of thors that I wore on one trip that are 45 and too small for me. My feet are hard as crap to find a boot that fits. Loved the crap out of the Old style Solomon quest but the new ones hurt my feet . It is a real pain in the neck to try to find boots that fit . Let me know if any one is interested

From: walleyes
I have a set of tatra 2’s. They are good for light hikes but I am not used to the lace lockers they use. Makes it hard to get them tight in the right places it seems. If I am putting on a pack I take my kenetreks.

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