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Drought, but still animals
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Bushwacker 22-Feb-20
Buffalo1 22-Feb-20
billc 23-Feb-20
From: Bushwacker

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I had the pleasure of hunting with Pieter Delport, Eintracht Jagd Safaris, back in Sept/Oct of 2019 in Namibia. Due to the drought, Pieter had us hunting three different locations, one near Otavi in the north, the second near Khomas Hochland to the west, and the third in the south near Dordabis. This video was filmed at the third location and shows just how many animals were still alive and thriving in the worst of conditions. I passed on the Kudu bull, probably shouldn't have. And there's a color phase Oryx bull. Pieter said this property has around eight of them, with this bull being the biggest, most mature. This property is low fenced, surround by a four foot high, barb less wire, similar to our barbed wire fences here in the US. Most animals can go under, through, or over them with ease. It was a great hunt with Pieter, he put me on the animals and took great care of me while I was there. Hoping to return one day to hunt with him again, still lot of land he has access to that we did not even visit due to the drought.

From: Buffalo1
Very good video. Amazing how resilient African animals can be in super stressed conditions.

From: billc
The rain has been super so far this year and so happy. I can not wait to get to Pieter in july get to see that new area you got to hunt with him. He is the nest Ph I ever hunted with and has so many great areas dee and going back to see more will be worth. My 3rd trip and I still have more to see.

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