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RX3 Ultra Shooters
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stick n string 23-Feb-20
StickFlicker 23-Feb-20
Got ahold of a leftover RX3 a little while back. I am getting ready to start tinkering/tuning this week, hopefully. I have a gameplan on which shafts i think i am going with, to start anyways. My goal is to be shooting something that is a bit heavier overall than my goldtip 340s but im not going all “ranch fairy” on it. I want to find the right(for me) balance of the weight along with speed so that my trajectory doesnt have me in a spot where its highly crucial to know if something is 32 or 36 in the heat of the moment.

So what i am asking for(all i am asking for) is if any of you RX3 ultra shooters out there have done any testing or know what their set up right now is, what is your draw length, draw weight, overall arrow weight and what kind of FPS are u getting out of it. I have the ZT pro #2 cam, so maybe which cam u have would be good to know as well.

Some other searches across the net have yielded quite a variance in speed humbers.

Thanks in advance for any info

From: StickFlicker
Justin, I shoot the RX-3 Ultra ZT (27.0-30.0) set at 28.5, 65 lb model set near max. I shoot both the Gold Tip 340 and Easton 5MM Full Metal Jacket 400 out of it (100 gr tips). I tend to shoot a little under-spined. The Gold Tips are cut about 1/2" longer, but through a chronograph they were 10 fps faster than the FMJs, as I recall. I think they were 275 and 285, but I can't remember exactly as it was almost a year ago. Hope that helps.

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