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ALPS great customer service
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Cocoon Man 24-Feb-20
BGbasbhat 24-Feb-20
WV Mountaineer 24-Feb-20
Southern draw 26-Feb-20
dafish 04-Mar-20
From: Cocoon Man
I have an ALPS big bear pack that I use when whitetail tree stand hunting it is a fanny pack with shoulder straps that converts to a day pack. On the waist belt are two small zippered pouches. One of the zipper slides pulled off and I dropped it from my stand in the dark and never found it.

I called ALPS to find out the size of the zipper slide so I could find a replacement they said they didn't have any zipper slides but they could send a complete replacement waist belt free of charge. A new replacement waist belt arrived in 4 days. Great service!!

From: BGbasbhat
Good to hear. I've been impressed with the quality of their bino harness these last few years. In such a swamped market of hunting gear/apparel, I'm glad they have joined the trend of excellent customer service.

I used their traverse pack for several years. The only thing it lacked was a good belt. Great products for the price. My dad shut his truck door on the buckle of his traverse pack, I called them, and they never let me explain it was user error before the women on the phone asked for my address. I told her it wasn't a faulty buckle. She just laughed and said it was no problem. She sent a pack of four complete waist belt buckles to him that day. They have a lifetime warranty on all their gear and they didn't hesitate to go above and beyond for him.

I’ve been looking at their layout blind for next waterfowl season . Good to hear they have good customer service.

From: dafish
I have had their Pathfinder pack for a number of years, they have since upgraded it, but until mine falls apart I'm not getting one... Pathfinder, has fanny pack that folds out to back pack with bow holder and rain fly. I shot a turkey last spring, put my jacket calls and decoy in the pack, folder my DB blind, chair and moving blanket(floor) and put on pack and pulled the rain fly over it, picked up my turkey and bow and walked out

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