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From: c5ken
I'm new to food plots - need help.... Put in a 3ac plot of Lidano clover in 2018. The plot is ok but had lots of weeds in 2019. I'm going to hit the plot with Imox & nitro-Surf as soon as the weeds are about 2" tall. I also want to fertilize & I'm told 0-20-20 is what I need. However, I can't find any 0-20-20. I am able to buy 6-24-24. Do you think 6-24-24 will be ok to apply??


That fertilizer will be just fine

From: Mark Watkins
you have a good two phased plan.


From: Stressless
well, there is only one way to do it right, get a soil test - many videos out there on how to gather the sample correctly.

Take it/ send it to your local Co-Op / Agronomist, call them, set a appointment to chat once the soil test is back. 10-15mins is plenty. They will specify the correct amount of Lime, N-P-K to for your specific plot and crop species.

... Or guess and toss $ away.

Best of Luck.... My dads saying, "The harder you work the luckier you get."

From: drycreek
That fertilizer will work, but you might get your local guy to order a pallet of 0-20-20. That’s what I had to do once. If you fertilize spring and fall it won’t take long to use a pallet on three acres. The plan sounds fine to me, never used Imox but from what I’ve read it gets weeds as well as grasses. Good luck, there’s not much better than white clovers.

Do you think there's any benefit to just mowing, breaking the soil a bit and casting clover seed or grass seed? The soil is fertile, I do know that. No, I haven't taken a soil test yet. We have access to a mower, but not a till or disc. Another factor is we are afraid that if we went full fledged plots, that the hogs would destroy it in short order. Thoughts?

Ken: my apologies if I get your thread off course.

From: Pat Lefemine
Embry, will it work? Yes. It’s far from ideal however. I don’t have hogs on any of my properties thankfully but I imagine they will tear up a plot regardless if it’s tilled or scratched. But am not 100% sure of that.

Clover needs soil contact and established grasses will suppress the clover in a big way.

Pat, here's another thought on this. The hogs usually remain near the thick stuff and not more "inland" where the area I'm thinking about attempting this is at. The farmer that had cattle there used to put his hay bales there and to this date, there is voluntary clover. That was at least 10 years ago. It's subsided a bit due to weeds and other grasses being more hardy. But, there's still some there and the deer search it out, early and late. Anyways, just a thought.

From: c5ken
Thanks for all of the info....

I guess I'll go dig some dirt & get a soil test

Thanks for the help!!

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