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King Ranch Hunts
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From: Dino
Anyone here hunt the King Ranch? Looks like they have some decent hog hunting, but the price is very high.

From: White Falcon
Their high on all hunts. This is a good hunt!

From: drycreek
There is hog hunting all over Texas. No need to pay high prices unless you’re looking for special circumstances. Now I don’t know specific contacts because I don’t pay to hunt hogs.

From: ahunter76
Shiloh in Stonewall, Ok. also.

From: Buffalo1
If you are interested in hunting TX, Diamond C Ranch is a great hog hunt venue. I don't think you will be disappointed. You may also have interest in some of the exotics on the property. I can assure you, you will be taken care of while there. Skyler puts forth for his hunters.

From: KleinVictor
Not worth the price, it's too high, there are other hog hunting sites in TX, it's just not feasible to spend that much for something you can enjoy at a much cheaper price.

From: Dino
Yes, I have heard that. The prices at the KIng are very, very steep. I had a fellow PM here, but of course the message disappeared, I believe it was from "Sender" Please resend the PM or email me [email protected]

From: SlipShot

SlipShot's Link
I hunted Diamond C, it was great! Got a double on hogs. Shot is around the 3:20 mark.

From: Loprofile
“Anyone here hunt the King Ranch”. Next answe will be the first one

From: Cornpone
Question: are feral pigs to be considered "game animals" or "vermin"? If game animals, you charge whatever you can get away with. If vermin, you charge enough to meet expenses with minimal profit. From what I read and hear they seem to fit the latter.

From: RK

Why would an outfitter or landowner charge minimal amount for hog hunting or any other "vermin" if the market indicates they can charge more

Is it a rule or something that they can only charge a certain fee?

From: JTreeman
That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. What do profit and game/non-game animals have to do with each other? Either way they are selling an experience, people are willing to pay more for some experiences than others, that’s all.

And to answer the question, I have hunted hogs on the King a couple times. Killed a few and had a great time. I don’t necessarily think it’s worth the premium for only hogs (we were combo nilgai/hogs). You are paying for the “King” name, just like lots of stuff in life. And there are lots of places in TX to hunt hogs that are good.

And for the record comparing the King ranch experience with Shiloh in OK is apples to oranges. Just different experiences.


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